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So, the last year. What a fuckup. Liz. Fiona. Harry. Alex. For one reason or another, I messed things up with all these people (although in some cases, just knowing said people was something that was messed up). Let's not dwell on the failure though, because it'd take too long. Let's look at the positive aspects...

Well, I made a new best friend. After realising that all my friends from school are morons... No, wait, just kidding... But let's face it - they're "mates", not people you share emotional turmoil with. And Brian had been getting more distant as the year went on... However, David came into my life, in the form of a whiny, needy, clingy, foolish little computer nerd. At last, I had found somebody like me. Obviously, as time went on, I realised that I am of course vastly superior to David in every way (except a few, but let's not mention those here)... However, he still makes a bloody good best friend, and I'm very pleased about that.

I also made another good friend. Well, really, I became good friends with the whole of AGGTA, due to our army's Adjectivization of it. But in particular, I befriended their chairman, one Mr Scott Freeman. I can't say I speak to him as often as I would like, but I do feel that I can talk to him about anything that's on my mind, and like to think that he can talk to me. When looking for qualities in a friend, that's probably one of the most vital ones. Another is that they're always there, and Scott is just like me in his online habits - i.e., if ever I have a problem, he's probably online. I hope to know him better in the coming year.

I left home. It was very odd - unlike many things in my life, I actually adapted very quickly, and was totally used to my situation within 24 hours. Ever since, I have truly felt I belonged here at University. Certainly, I enjoy being at home, seeing my family and cat, but this is where I belong. I love it here, and seriously can't imagine having gone anywhere else. I have been blessed with the best flatmates a guy could ever wish for, they're all absolutely top, and I look forward to living with them for at least another 20 weeks.

Jo. Now there's a good thing in my life. Over the summer, I met one of the most wonderful people in the world. Looking back on it, she reminds me very much of Vicky - blonde, beautiful, and so incredibly nice. Vicky and Jo currently jointly hold the title of "Nicest Person in the Universe", because they are both so wonderful. My time close by to Jo was somewhat limited due to the fact that she lived a good few hundred miles away, but that didn't stop me from visiting her a second time (until then, a first for me and girls), and enjoying the most romantic kiss of my life. There isn't a single thing I regret about knowing her, or how things worked out. 'twas perfect.

This leads me to another girl. Vicky. Now I'm not going into too much depth here, because this is stuff I am yet to cover in my journal, and as such this material doesn't belong in my end-of-year-review, but in a separate post. However, suffice it to say that one of the thing I am most grateful in this world is that I have such a good friend in Vicky, and that I can talk to her about anything. I tell Vicky everything, and she in turn can turn to me when she needs to. Along with Bri, she's one of the people I love most in the world.

Brian - ah, gotta love him. After a spell of being rather annoyingly "normal", he appears to be back to his old self far more lately, which is good. I love him so dearly, and it rather upset me when he stopped needing me at all. I'm glad I can still count on him to be there for me, and that I'm still in touch with him. I never want to lose that. For Brian, I would even sell Vicky into slavery, or something equally momentous... Wow :o)

The End of the Year. Note capitalization. I have to say, the last month of this year has been odd. In future, I will put it down to "experimentation", although at no point at the time was I approaching it like that. I have dabbled in maintaining a casual relationship with somebody for a prolonged period of time, having to make a choice between two girls and learning how to cope with such a situation, and most of all, learning that perhaps I might have a chance after all. Think about it - two girls in my flat fancy me, and a girl who I thought was stunning on first glimpse turned out to not be averse to a certain degree of involvement with me. December 2000 has taught me much, and the last day has especially broadened my horizons. I can now go into 2001 feeling proud of my last year, and feeling better prepared to face the next one.


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