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I have confidence that spring will come again
Continuing in the James Does Good series, today has actually been a good day at work. I love this feeling I've got right now - it's one of those feelings like my luck is changing... Which in turn is a great way to feel - like everything is suddenly on the up. If I were a religious/superstitious person, I might put it down to generally Doing Good Things being the cause for my good fortune - and since I am both those things, that's what I think it is.

Seriously though, you start doing good things for other people, and the world becomes a better place. My next mission is the Cookie Mission, Liam-style. Maybe. I dunno. Being nice to strangers just rocks. When I get back to Brighton, I've promised myself that I'll feed more homeless people, and stuff. Bake a big plate of cookies and go out at 3am while they're still warm, handing them out to people... It's addictive, this niceness :o)

Let's see... So today, I manged to get the phones working and thus transfer the numbers across, just when Bryan had lost hope that it was ever going to happen. Then he gave me his (expensive) laptop and (expensive) projector and told me to hook them up and get them working, which I did, and it was all very good. I have had a day of achievement, and fun tasks. Thus, I am happy.

Not wishing to be too happy, mind, there are things on my mind... I'm losing interest in lots of areas of my life simply because I'm concentrating on other things - I'm not sure if that's something to concern myself over, or whether it's just a natural progression and I should just let it happen.

Either way, that's hardly pressing enough an issue to bring me down - I am happy with life :o)

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:D i bake, like, the best cookies you'll ever ever ever taste. and therefore feel it is my god given right to come feed homeless people cookies with you. we can make chocolate ones, and raisin oatmeal, and... hmm... toffee? yum. so they have a choice...

*sigh* y'know, if it's ok... that i can come...

I'd make some smart-ass comment about "well maybe you can come", but sod that - of course you can. You're invited down to stay any time you want :o)

And yay, we can bake for people. And make people happy.


and at reel big fish, i feel the need to do something i never ever ever ever ever do - and that's actually tell boys that i think are cute, that they are. and not want anything else but just to kinda... make someone feel good. liam is gold dust :P

Wow, yeah, great idea, I take you to a gig and you go around having tons of guys kissing you - what an awesome plan!! :oP

don't be silly! you told the girl at no use :P so don't make it double standards mister.

Okay, here's how it works

If a guy tells a girl she's cute, she's like "Oh, thanks". If, as was the case, the girl is way out of the guy's league and would never consider kissing him, there's hardly an issue.

If a girl tells a guy he's cute, he thinks "Score, I'm gonna get laid", and will almost certainly try to kiss said girl. Especially if she's hot. Which you are.

It's not double standards - it's a totally different situation.

Friends can explain this better than me:

Chandler: See, I'm finding out all this stuff about you today, like you like the Law & Order and that you flirted with every guy in the Tri-State area!

Monica: Chandler! Okay, let me get this straight, it's okay for you to flirt, but not for me.

Chandler: Oh, I'm so glad we cleared that up. Look, I'm sorry, some things are different for men and for women.

Monica: Go on, teach me something about men and women.

Chandler: Okay, I've already taught you so much already, but whatever. See when you flirt with a guy you think, "I'm just flirting, no big deal." But the guy is thinking, "Finally! Somebody who wants to sleep with me!"

Monica: No way!

Chandler: It's true.

Monica: Well that's pathetic!

Chandler: Again true.

Monica: And this goes for all guys?

Chandler: All guys that are awake. Then we go to sleep and then all the guys from the other end of the world wake up and behave the exact same way.

And yes, I'm well aware that it's only TV. But it's funny and compelling TV. And the reason it's funny and compelling is because during scenes like that, every single guy watching it is laughing his ass off, and exclaiming "that's so true!"...

hahahaha! but, you haff forgotton one zing! i don't have to kiss them, silly. i can just say it, and walk away. gad. dumbass :P

Okay, well since you still don't grasp the male mind set, allow me to explain what that will do.

In the event of you doing that, said guy will spend the rest of the gig looking for you, trying to seek out the hot girl who said they were cute. If he finds you, he will want to kiss you. If he doesn't, he will leave feeling disappointed.

Frankly, the only way to cheer up random guys is to fuck them. And I'm not even going to begin telling you why that might not be a good course of action :oP

lmao! yeah, but jamie, i still don't have to kiss him! he can hardly force me :P and maybe i'll tell him at the end when i look all skanky, would that be better? or is there a tiny little bit of jealousy here? :P

No offence, but somehow I don't see you turning down a guy you think is cute if he wants to kiss you :oP

And of course it's motivated by jealousy, I'm hardly doing it because I think kissing is bad for your health :oP

ohh so they would allll want to kiss me? my ass! i bet loads of them would be like 'uh, thanks... bye...' *runs for hills*


(disclaimer: yes, rachel's own brand of No Win Situations has now officially been given a monopoly warning by the EC :P)

Yeah, well, no offence, but you have no idea how hot you are. Trust me, I'm a guy, we can tell these things - they're hardly going to run away from you. Quite the opposite.

so i'm not allowed to say this to any boys at all? even the ones other people seem to think are ugly but i think are all cute?!

I didn't say you weren't allowed. I merely suggested that I might not appreciate you doing it when I'm taking you out somewhere - it's hardly going to make my night. The respect you have for my feelings is truly phenomenal, you know :oP

ohh jamie! frustration! you are not taking me out! we are going to see the fish together becase we want to. as friends. who want to go see a band together. ok, so maybe friends with other stuff attached. but our emotions don't... match... you know that... *sigh* and i don't want to hurt you. so i shall not say it to anyone...

Well I'm sorry that me not being dead inside pisses you off so much, I'll try to stop liking you :oP

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