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So yeah, I've now booked my ticket for The Vandals at the Astoria... Probably won't stay too long after Audio Karate play their set though - I mean, I like the Vandals, but there's only so much of them that I can really take before I start losing my enthusiasm... Kinda depends on what they play, but I'm primarily there for the support bands anyway.

It occurs that last night I didn't talk much about the gig itself.... Well okay, so the sound quality wasn't excellent, but the playing was great, the atmosphere was great, the band were great... You get the general idea. There's not much more I can say, because I forget the individual songs - it just turned into a massive exercise in not getting my kidneys squashed anyway, since I was up against the barrier with lots of people very eager to push forward into me... I lost the button off my trousers too, so they kept slipping a bit, which was rather worrying :o)

Anyhow, back to work.. Ugh.. But tomorrow is Friday, and Saturday means Reel Big Fish with Rachel, which rules :o)

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the fish! the fish! yaaaaaaay! *dances*

I have the tickets in my pocket right now :o)

this is all en evil ploy to get me to put my hand in your pocket, isn't it?! :P you brute!

Well are you going to or not? ;o)

jamie. would you please hand me my ticket. now. :P

Nope. Since you never ever ever come and see me, you'll have to wait until Saturday before I can do that.... :oP

*sob* FINE. you keep your damn fish tickets! but on saturday i am *not* putting my hand in your pocket mister :P

Good, you can keep your hands to yourself - my pockets are too good for them :oP

:O hehe, how very rude you are, young jamie :P you may live to regret such an audacious claim... pesky kids.

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