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Oh yes. No Use For A Name rock. I have no idea what the set list was, because I don't know many of their songs by name, but I remembered a lot from Reading. They played Outside and Not Your Savior, which was good enough for me. I guess I'd better start from the beginning...

So we arrive at the LA2, which is usually kinda crap as far as venues go, but still, it could be worse. At random, I notice quite a short and slight (but pretty) girl go up to the front, at which point I think I remarked to my brother that she wouldn't be staying there for long probably. Anyway, the support band (Pulley) came on, and I managed to get my way quite close to the front. Close enough to touch the singer, anyway, although it was kinda pointless.

Aaaaanyway, so the support band goes off, and people leave the front - I think a lot of them were Pulley fans, so they didn't really fancy sticking around. Anyway, I'm almost at the front, and I spy said girl from before there. She actually smiles at me, and makes room so I can be up against the barrier - that was so nice of her :o)

Anyhow, we kept looking at each other, lots of smiles and stuff, all good. And then No Use Came on, which totally rocked. They played such good songs, and it was almost as good as Reading (the sound quality was poorer though). Plus, that was probably the closest I've been to a band at a gig since AntiProduct (where we invaded the stage). At one point, Tony (the singer) filled his mouth with water and spat it out into the crowd. I got wet, and for a few minutes, this was going to be my Cool Thing - I got spat on by NUFAN. But it gets better, oh yes...

So then at one point, Matt (bassist) was taking the piss out of one of the bouncer type people, and me and hotgirl (for that's what I'll call her) were laughing our asses off - he's such a funny guy. Then he looks at me, and shrugs, then grins at me. It's like "wow, recognition from someone in the band". So then that was going to be my Cool Thing for the day.

After getting spat on again (woo!), they play a few more songs. Then Matt goes to get a drink, opens a bottle of water, has some, and then throws the rest to me. So I have a nice drink of his water, then give it to hotgirl, since she's looking thirsty. She thanks me, drinks some, then gives it back to me. At this point, it would have been so easy to just drink the last couple of mouthfuls, and keep the bottle as something from the band, but I was in a nice mood, so I passed the bottle back to the people behind me, who could do with water. So one of them now has a NUFAN bottle, drunk from by Matt, but I don't mind because I did a nice thing.

So yeah, then that was meant to be my Cool Thing. But then Tony got down off the stage, and I shook his hand. Then he kinda came into the crowd a bit, and I got to hug him. And pat him on the back. And tell him he rocks. And all was good. So then that was my Cool Thing. So yeah, gig finishes eventually, but I wish it hadn't - it was one of those gigs that I wish could go on forever (and there are very few of those for me). Anyhow, walk outside, keeping pace with hotgirl although not specifically walking with her.

So we get out, and I spy my brother and sister waiting across the street. So I turn to hotgirl, and say to her, and I quote "Oh, before I go, I just wanted to tell you that you're really, really beautiful". I then turn and walk off, leaving her with a confused but happy look on her face. I caught a blush, too. And now that was my Cool Thing for the day, and indeed for the week thus far. I think I can really actually do this whole thing. I am now a part of Liam's Unconcious Random Madness Machine, hooray. I have learned much from him.

So yeah. I went to a good gig. I got lots of interaction with the band. I made a person happy at random. I generally feel good about myself :o)

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Excellent. I'm so jealous. So many Cool Things in one day...

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