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Heh, I keep looking at this picture of me... It's like... perfect... That's how I want to look again. And the smile, it looks so genuine, like I'm not forcing it or anything. I can't remember the last time I had a picture taken where I didn't have to force myself to smile, in such an unconvincing crap way. Pictures of me just tend to suck... But I like that hair, and I like that smile, and I like the fact that you can see in my eyes that I was happy. I want to feel like that more.... :o\

Stupid life, hope it ends soon. Just the work part, that is... I have 17 days of work left, thank God... And I'm doing lots between now and then.. Reel Big Fish on Saturday (provided the tickets come in time - if not, I'll either phone up and collect them at the box office, or buy them at some hideous price on the door). Then Liam's birthday a week on Saturday, which I want to do. Then a weekend where I dunno what I'm doing. Then moving back down to Brighton.

Ooh, and tonight I get to go see No Use For A Name again, although I already saw them at Reading... That should be fun - I'll be front row again, just because I damned well can be, these days :o)

Having said that, after the first couple of songs, I'll lose interest and head back again, since they're the two I know the best. So the plan is to get picked up from work at 5pm, go home, have a shower, get changed, and go gigging. Yay :o)

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you look like tom cruise.


yay for rbf :D

Well, I'm like 7" taller than him...... But thanks :o)

sometimes when you smile and i see it, it looks genuine. sometimes it looked genuine at reading... you seemed happy... especially the last part, hugging outside the tea place... *sigh* i don't want you to go back to damn brighton... which is the most incredibly selfish statement considering i don't see you much due to my crapness when you're up here... hehe. nevermind. *shuts up*

How tall ARE you?

Ooohh, Reel Big Fish! Woo...

O.O Wow, you tower over me by a lot... (but then again, half of humankind does...)

The life of a troll, eh?
Seriously now, feel better Jim. Life has a habit of getting really good when you're not looking out for it.
It just tends to prod you when it's crap. Prod you over and over again. To make you sit up and say "Fuck. Life is crap. Ouch". And such.

The trick is to prod yourself whenever you're having fun.

eurgh, your not coming to liams are you?

Sorry. I promise not to bring my cooties or lurgee or whatever this time ;o)

its such a shame cos it sounded like it was gonna be a good night, but now your coming :P
u have to spoil everything dont u!?

If I can, yeah.... :oP

Why so sad? You're cute. :o) hehe

whoa that really is a great pic of you....tho ive actually never seen a *bad* one of you, that one is obviously super genuine. sexy you!

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