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I nicked this link from effyis:

Harry Potter Vibrator

Read the customer comments carefully ;o)

I went to bed at 8pm for a quick nap, because I felt a little sleepy. I woke at 1:15am wondering where the Hell I was, and what was going on. I love that moment of uncertainty when you wake from a nap and don't know what day it is, or why you're in bed, there are few feelings quite like it.

I walked into a spiky branch today, and almost took my eye out. I noticed it just in time and blinked, and felt a thorn scratch my eyelid - this was not fun. Still, I'm okay, I have my vision, nothing to worry about. Then I danced lots at the bus stop, because I really have stopped giving a shit what people think of me (for now). It's very liberating :o)

I had the realisation that Hot Sainsbury's Girl (in the functional naming structure that the girls I live with use) looks way too much like a girl I once.. uh.. 'knew'... And she also looks a lot like Shanu's friend Holly. Given these revelations, I have stopped wanting her from afar - it'd just be weird to want somebody because they look a lot like somebody you once went out with... Though she has cooler hair...

David has decided that my dancing is gay. I can live with this. His is too. At least my arms stay around waist height, so it could be worse...

I think I need food - dinner type food....

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i'll bet *i* know why that woman's 17 year old daughter liked it too ...


i want one. i mean.. for my nephews and neice. they'd love it.


bwahaha, I've been linked too!

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