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1.Sensible or delirious? Delirious
2.Marilyn Manson or Destiny's Child? Manson
3.When was the last time you showered? Too long ago, I want one
4.What are you listening to right now? I'm at work, I don't have music right now
5.What was the last thing that you said? "Bring on the lethal injection"
6.What is next to you right now? The server, scanner, printer...
7.What is your computer desk made of? Plastic made to look like wood
8.Who do you fancy at the moment? Can't say, she'd never let me hear the end of it
9.What was the last thing that you ate or drank? Water
10.If you were a crayon, what colour would u be? Purple
11.Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? Cottage on a mountainside would be nice
12.Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? When I meet her, I'll let you know
13.Do you have a lava lamp? No
14.How many buddies do you have on your list(msn)? I dunno, but I only talk to about ten
15.Have you ever smoked pot? Yes
16.What did you do last night? Had a nap
17.Last person that you talked to on the phone? My father
18.Worst thing about the opposite sex? They irritate me? ;o)
19.Do you like the person who sent this to you? She's not bad...
20.How are you today? Sleepy
21.Who/what makes you happy? My guitar, my friends, being in Manchester, being in America...
22.Fave CD? The mix CD in my pocket, with Alkaline Trio, Audio Karate, The Ataris, NOFX, etc. on it
23.Fave Dream? The one I had last night ruled, it was set in the same place that my dreams used to be set in - it's a world kinda like this one, just slightly different. I went to places that I used to go to in my dreams, it was so good... I've missed those places....
24.Hair colour? Naturally it's brown, with a blonde streak. Right now, it's kinda that, but with blonde ends
25.Eye colour? Blue. Very blue.
26.Ever had a brace? Yeah, I hated it LOTS.
27.Your age? Twenty
28.Who do you consider to be your close friends? David, Liam, TMA, Rachel, Shanu, Jimbo, Jo, Vicky
29.What do you like to do? Play guitar, write, think, love....
30.What was the best advice you have given? I forget, but I always give lots of good advice to, like, Jo and stuff....
31.Dream car? No thanks, you can keep your metal cage of pollution and high-velocity death
32.Have you ever won any special awards? Awards for speeches, for maths, and for not eating.
33.What do you want to be when you grow up? Rock star.
34.What are your future goals? Be happy, have fun at Uni, be excellent to people
35.Fave music? Pop/Rock/Emo/Punk
36.Fave movies? Me Without You, Blade Runner, Alice in Wonderland
37.Fave tv? Invader Zim, Friends, Six Feet Under
38.Fave girls perfume? I can picture it in my head, but I don't know what it's called...
39.Fave guys aftershave? FCUK #3...
40.Do you like to dance? Yes
41.Fast or slow? Both
42.If you could change your name what would it be? I like Jamie though....
43.Worst illness you have ever had? I forget things like that...
44.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Several
45.Have you ever been in love? Four times
46.What is the stupidest thing that you ever did? It's a secret. But it was REALLY stupid
47.What will your first daughter's name be? Well her middle name will be Elizabeth...
48.Scary or happy movies better? Depends on my mood
49.Lust or love? Both is good
50.Kisses or hugs? I'll take anything on offer....
51.If you could change one thing about yourself? Then I probably wouldn't - I'm happy to evolve slowly...

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The question IS.....

Do you know the muffin man?

I you REALLY know the muffin man?


I'm waiting!



Read aloud the following:

Ya eloy ee dolshen oomerat!!




I knew eet wuz u! RaaR!

*stabs u with a pickle*

Die beast die!


Just read it out!! Otherwise I'll never be able to banish you

Stop haunting me.

Eedeet ca yertoo, da svedanya


Noooooooo!!!!!!! I will not do eet!

MWAHAHAHAHA! You will live in fear of the Lisargh all eternity! MWAHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHOHOHOHO!


Mike Wazowski !! Boo !!

I'm not scared of you. Except at night, when it's dark....

... of course, I don't entirely believe that you're the same demon that I met at the weekend - that one knew only a couple of words ;o)

Re: Mike Wazowski !! Boo !!

I said many words :)
I told you the whole of moi secret plan to keel you then wiped it from your memory :) Good yah? I know you're impressed, and scared! MWAHEHEHEHE!

Re: Mike Wazowski !! Boo !!

No offence, but as far as killing me goes, you did a shit job ;o)

And Liam and I knew you were outside our door, we could tell. So your plans are RUINED :oP

Re: Mike Wazowski !! Boo !! not confuzzle the evil one :)

Re: Mike Wazowski !! Boo !!

Don't pretend you weren't there - we both felt your presence

Re: Mike Wazowski !! Boo !!

That wasn't OUTSIDE the room >;0)

Re: Mike Wazowski !! Boo !!

Well we did consider for quite some time the idea that you were in the wardrobe....

Re: Mike Wazowski !! Boo !!

Guess again :0)

Re: Mike Wazowski !! Boo !!


Re: Mike Wazowski !! Boo !!

>;0) oOoOo you don't wanna know what i was doing!


It found you!

I noticed. Don't look into its eyes....

I weel keel yew too!!!!!!!!!

Ya eloy ee dolshen oomerat!!

You just admitted to being a demon and banished yourself - nice going ;o)

James, don't give in, you've come too far to let her win!

I always win >;0)

Not this time

You know not of how to defeat me :)

You're the one who just banished himself, you gimp!

Do I look banished to you?

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