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Okay then, the big question - my hair.

Poll #57524 Hair Poll

Should I cut it off?


(note: your opinions do not matter)

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fuck no. absence of hair sucks ass. skinheads are thuggists. :P

I like my hair short though. I'm having cravings for short, neat hair.... It suits me better....

to each their own. :)

i no that one day i will really really really regret saying this
and dont expect me to compliment you more then once
cos it aint gonna happen

but dont do anything to your hair
its really nice, i like it
it looks good

*regrets regrets regrets*

But see, if it would stay the same, that'd be fine, because I like it like this too. But it'll only get longer, and longer, and longer. And if I keep it trimmed to this length, the roots will grow out until there's no blonde left, and I like the blonde. And so it's a choice between either cutting it short (like this), or grow it long.... Or get it trimmed to this length every now and again, and spend hours bleaching the ends just right....


Hair is so difficult sometimes....

thank you

lol, i like the piccie
erm i mean.....

so long as it stays blounde
dont get rid of the blounde!!!

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