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Bush, we love you, lead us to righteous victory...

If the ground opened up and swallowed the USA (and Israel for good measure), I might just laugh...
America's Deputy Defence Secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, has accused the Europeans of caring too little about the plight of the Iraqi people under Saddam Hussein.

He told the BBC that President Bush had a vision of the world that was not much different from the European perspective.

The trans-Atlantic differences were, he said, over tactics.
It's that time again, when I trawl through the news and remind myself why it is that the world is an awful place. The above quote, however, only makes me laugh - an American claiming that the rest of the world cares too little about other nations - do I have to draw you a map of what's wrong with this picture? Have they forgotten that they're only (contemplating) fighting Iraq because they feel threatened?

"Shit, somebody else has got weapons, let's beat the shit out of them and claim it's for democracy!"

I mean sure, that might work with the voting public, but do they really expect the rest of the world to buy their newfound caring nature? The US, and indeed most of the western world, is motivated by self interest, be it profit or military gain. The security of the citizens of a given country mean more to the government of that country than the security of foreigners. Now that's something I can't get my head around...

I mean I'll admit, in my own head I'm not the best with certain racial differences. I'm not talking about skin colour - that's wholly irrelevant. However, I'll admit to making more fun of the French than I do about most countries, if that's any good - nobody is perfect, after all. But if I had to choose between two French lives and one English life, I'd save the French people. And I genuinely do not believe that the US government, especially in its current incarnation as The Bush Regime, would make a similar choice in that situation.

It is a fact that US pollution is a large factor in why the world is pretty much dying, and yet they refuse to do enough about it, citing the reason that it would cost American jobs. Big fucking deal. Why not put a bit of money into improving the environment, and give the jobless something to do to make the world a better place, eh?

And now I'm told that Bush has a perspective of the world that isn't so detached from my own. Now that scares me - the notion that not only is the US fucked in the head, government-wise, but that it believes that people agree with it. It's further backed up by their assertion that if they do go to war against Iraq, then other nations will help them. Well fuck that - I'd be more likely to join the Iraqi army than a British one that would help the Americans.

I hate how I once claimed that the political climate which led to the world wars was a thing of the past, and that no civilised country could be so wrong in its self-perception that they could do anything like that again. I think I might have been wrong....

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Gotta agree with you on this score Jaems!

Just caught some spiel on Sky News about this matter. It seems that the US are the only Govt currently refusing to seek a diplomatic solution to the weapons inspectors situation. Sadly though it would seem our Defence Sec (despite 70% of UK citiznes being against this - now fancy that, blairs govt doing something none of the people want them to - now thats a novelty) has taken a trip to the US to "plan" military action. Whilst all this goes on Kofi Annan gains agreement from Tariq Azziz (sp?) for weapons inspectors to gina access to Irag - ok there are conditions imnposed but at least its a step in the right direction.

One interesting fact that keeps coming back to me is that more inncoent people died in the "War Against Terror" in Afghanistan than were killed in the attack on the World Trade Centre on Spet 11 last year!!!!!!!!!!

And now how many innocent people will/may die in Iraq for US fears!!!!! Its just not right!

way to go both of you! cheers! This is eating me up so damn much, and it disgusts me that a man such as bush is able to claim the presidency and pretend like he's a competant enough person to actually run a country. i've heard it said that the president of the usa is, at this point in time, the most influential and powerful man in the world...and who do we have to show for that? DUBYA. But as if that isn't bad enough, you look at the USAians (I hate calling us Americans....we act like it's our title, when hello</a>, yea, we're Americans...but so are Mexicans, and Canadians, and Guatemalans, and well all of south/central/north DUH people, come on..if people from Mexico are Mexicans then we're United Statsians.) and you see a bunch of coorporate lemmings looking at Dubya with puppy eyes, waving their ugly ass fucking American flags around and then when something bad happens, all you see is a bunch of stick-on patriotism.

fucking lame. lame lamelame.

Naughty boy having a go at that nice Mr Bush. I mean that horrid Sadman Insane is really nasty. Not only does he attack his own people but he also has a long memory. He remembers 15 or so years ago when that lovely Mr Reagan sold weapons to Iran. A country that was at war with Iraq. How small minded is that? After all, the US were showing what a nice kind generous government it had by selling these weapons to an enemy. You can just picture the scene, Reagan and a few of his cronies flipping a quarter saying "Heads it's Iran, tails Iraq". And heads it was - funny how history can turn on such insignificant events.

chicapony... more on your point

this is what I've been thinking since everyone(well the ignoramic electoral college) here elected Bush. Most people knew he was incapable when he was first elected but after sept. 11 they decided that he could do his job. It's not true, just furthering agendas for oil. Why are we so arrogant and selfish, I don't understand my country.


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