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When I Grow Up...
And back at work again, for it is Monday, the worst of all days... Still, I'll be out of here soon and back to Uni - four weeks left, having already done eight - there's certainly a light at the end of the tunnel now...
So today I went to the mall and saw this girl that was liking Avril. What a poser! Bla bla bla. Then I went to Hot Topic and spent eighty dollars on pants and listened to Blink 182 because everyone knows they are real punk.
- quasidan (with tongue firmly in cheek...)
And, also,
As it turns out, the "personal flyin' machin" wudn't the brightest idear old Jeff has had. i got the warshin machine motor hooked up to a car battrey, and strapped that on my back. i made a wood fram tat went around my sholders, and a long cylinder went from the motor to the ceiling fan propeller blades at the end. i was SURE it was gonna work.

well, i got up on the roof and fired that thing up. i could feel it lifting me up, because i felt lighter, or that coulda been the fact that I mistakenly mixed moonshine into my oats this morning. well, she was fired up and roarin fast, so i took a leap for faith, and went straight down.

the fall really wudn't the bad part, i fall off my roof all the time. but the cylinder broke and the blades was whackin me in the head at about 22 hundred revs. per minute. i tried to unplug the battrey power on the back, but because i was layin down in a puddle, i shocked the FIRE out of myself. it finally shut off, but I'm pretty beat up, as you might guess!

I reckon i ain't gonna try to do that again. God didn't make man to fly, or else He'da gave us wings, i reckkon.
- wigu (who has gone, it seems)
Well, y'know, it makes me laugh if nothing else... I had breakfast this morning, a rare event indeed - go me. I really should get my life sorted before I go back to Uni, if only so that I can actually do all the stuff I want to.

Speaking of things to do back in Brighton, I'm gonna buy a load of small cards, and write nice things in them (y'know, like "you are really beautiful" and stuff) and just hand them out to strangers around Brighton. And no, it's not a ploy to get people to sleep with me - I was thinking of just giving them to people and walking off. The world would be a far nicer place if everybody said nice things to each other a bit more often, and I'm going to fix that. If I can make just one person smile to themselves, that'll be enough.

On a similar (yet unrelated) note, yesterday morning was amusing... Liam and myself were bored, so he gave me some numbers out of his phone book so that I could pester people simply for the hell of it. After sending various texts to Vicki/kfite (who is kinda cool, but you'll not hear me admitting that more than once), I then sent one to this girl Milly... She immediately rang my phone up, and in an uncharacteristically brave move (since I don't like phones and strangers), I answered it. People who saw Coupling may spot the reference - bear in the mind that my side of the dialog was done entirely in an (awful) Australian accent...

J: G'day, Bruce's Bar and Grill?
M: What? Who is this?
J: Bruce's Bar and Grill, how can I help you?
M: You just sent me a text message...
J: I did? Wait a minute, who is this?
M: Emilia, do I know you?
J: I don't think so, how did you get my number?
M: You sent me a text message...
J: When was that?
M: Just now
J: I don't think so, my phone has been on me the whole time, I would have noticed
[... a while later ...]
J: *quiet snigger*
M: I can hear you laughing at me!
J: I wasn't laughing
M: Yes you were, I heard it!
J: No, if I was laughing, it would sound like this: HAHAHAHAHA!!

Yup, she put the phone down on me. How dare she? Oh well - it amused me for a while, did that... And speaking of phones, when I was in Milton Keynes last night I spoke to Jimbo for a bit, since he's bored down in Brighton without anybody... Had a good chat, told him about Reading, and Manchester, and general things... The fuse went in my computer plug, and he fixed it, which is quite cool - if that had happened to me, the fuse would've been the last thing I'd check, I think... I hope he's using the computer quite a bit - seems a waste to have an ADSL connection and for nobody to be using it....

More later, I expect... But now - Work!!

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Off-topic, but fucking cool... I was just looking at my "Friends Of" thing and I saw someone had added me to his friends list. I went to look at his journal, and it was Jason from Audio Karate. How wicked is that?

Audio Karate f'ing rule - I'm still working on tabbing Halfway Decent :o)

I'm definitely buying their album, Space Camp, when we see No Use.

That's a really sweet idea :-)


I can't wait to do it, I really can't... Just people on the street, people working in shops...

My friend Liam went up to some girl in a club recently, kissed her, told her she was beautiful, and promptly ran away in fear that she might have a boyfriend. Things like that just make the world a better place...

...or get me in trouble... :)

You're too scared - it's fine, he won't get you ;o)


After sending various texts to Vicki/kfite (who is kinda cool, but you'll not hear me admitting that more than once)

mwa ha ha ha
once is enough

i no u love me really

Bah, well, now that I've admitted it, you can get back to serving me, bitch. Now go fetch me some freshly squeezed orange juice :oP

yes master
*runs off*

Bear in mind that it probably won't be good enough, so I'll just throw it over you or something.... :oP

i'll do my best
how big a glass?
would u like me to siv the bits out for you?
would u like an umbrella in it?

You'll just have to guess - you can't expect me to direct you in everything you do...


no bits
medium glass
big pink umbrella and a sparkly thing

there u are sir
anything else i could get you?

I guess that'll do for now. Just never ever forget that you serve me.

*does the 'I'm Better Than You' dance*

you can't dance
u suck


Sit down and shut up

yes sir
sorry sir


Careful, I'd hate to have to come up there and kick your arse again..

i dont think u've managed it once yet

*wiggles ass*
go on, kick it
i dare ya

Tempting ;oP

But in case you've forgotten, I totally made you my bitch at the weekend - I think you managed to kick me like once, and I had more than enough revenge on you, what with the tickling, and you screaming and running around like a big wuss....


i wasn't running away from you so much as running away from your disease (ewwwww)
and yes unfortunately tickling is my big weakness
but i kinda like it ;)

and i scream and run around like a wuss at anything
eg when some one has eaten the last jaffa cake

so no u did not get revenge
and i dont care how many times i kicked you, i warned u i was gonna kick u and by the end of the night i did
so my mission was completed

You like it?! Ewww, I was doing something a girl likes... Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! ;o)

And yes, you kept on threatening to kick me all night, and eventually you FINALLY managed it. Such an epic achievement for you, I'm sure - I bet you're well proud of yourself... The fact that I totally owned you means nothing compared to the fact that after HOURS, you managed to get a kick in... :oP

it wasn't as if i spent hours trying to kick you, no i spent hours being a social butterfly, wondering around talking to people i like, and occassionally trying to kick you, cos who would wanna spend hours talking/chasing after you!? ewwwww no one would want to do that.

I say Hi a year later. Hi.

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