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Alice III
We knew she was outside the door - the chills were coming from that direction. So why was one of the wardrobe keys bent? We stayed on the bed for fear of the floor - me with my back to the wall in the knowledge that she couldn't be behind me, and Elia watching the door if only to be able to scream when the inevitable came. It was standing just out of sight, behind walls and doors but we knew it was watching us. So why did I keep looking at the wardrobe? Elia's keen eyes were trained on the door handle, waiting for any sign that she was coming in, but none came. We felt her out there, we felt her hunger, why was she toying with us like this? And again, the wardrobe caught my eye.....

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one word


Umm cool story though.

People are under the impression that it's fiction... The fools!!

Uh, it's not a story. It's actually based on real life events, all of which occurred on Saturday night...

I know I read it, But to put it all down like that makes it like a story.

Welp, what ever.

"...She told the most wonderful stories and said it was because she had discovered that 'Once upon a Time' was really Here and Now..."

Stories are based on reality almost as often as reality is based on stories....

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