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Well, came within a very narrow margin of fucking up 2000 even worse than I already did (examples including Fiona, Liz, the whole Alex/Harry thing), but thankfully, just about avoided doing that. Anyhow, me and Alex are together now, as far as I can tell - woohoo... And stuff...

So anyhow, what's new in James's life? Well, not much. Claire's response to the Alex/Me thing was "Aside from the ick factor, and the fact that he's involved with Harry and buggering James, you'd kill him within a week". I love her confidence and support. Funny, when she learned about me and Harry, and when she found me and her friend Claire talking in my room, she freaked out both times. Perhaps a jealousy thing? No, wait, that seriously is a joke. Don't go getting any silly ideas here :o)

Anyhow, I'm now off into Brighton, in search of food. Pizza Hut is probably my best bet right now, but they might be kinda busy. We'll see... :o)


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