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Alice I
Hovering in the hallway, eyes ablaze, Alice eyed up the door with her emotionless face. Not that she could really see the door, she was more interested in what (or, rather, who) lay beyond it, almost near enough to taste them. Wearing the souls of the others like a spectral necklace, she was hungry, and they were ready. Cold eyes piercing the walls, looking straight into the heads of those she would devour, she listened to their words, to their fears. They knew who she was - they were the chosen, of course they knew. Now Elia was looking right at her, almost as if he could see her. She put her sword down, and crept back into the darkness, waiting for them to sleep...

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Fucking hell dude, I'm alone in the house.
*puts on music*

Then you won't hear her coming.

Not that you would anyway - she floats.

Do you know where she is? DO YOU?!!

You are so wrong.
And you're scaring yourself more than me. Maybe.

Nope, I'm not scared at all. I'm in a room with my siblings, hundreds of miles away. You're alone in a house with a girl WITHOUT EXPRESSION!

When you wake up dead, you'll feel stupid...

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