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Oh yes, for I return.... I'm currently at David's, having been out. So let's see if I can recap events... First of all, I got trains, lots of trains... Stood around at Leamington Spa for a while, then went to Sheffield. Met up with TMA, which was good fun. Spent time bitching about various things, as per usual...

Then got to Manchester, met up with David, went back to his house, went for a meal (I had pizza, it was good), then went out with Jenny and her friends... No offence, nice people and all, but they're all like 16/17 or something, and I felt so old that it defies belief... I couldn't really talk to them much, and it was just kinda.. I dunno... Most of the people around that age that I know are fine, but then again, I tend to know the more mature ones. These were kinda typical 17 year olds, which was rather.. uh.. not good ;o)

Anyhow, we went to a gay dance bar, where David got ID'd for the first time in his life, on his 18th birthday no less... Rockin' ;o)

And no, nobody buggered me, although I did get my arse grabbed at one point by some guy... All the female-looking people in there were either way too young, or had way too much cock. I refuse to pull a girl with a bigger dick than me.

Not that I was actually in there with anybody, or even on the pull, but you get the idea

Anyway, I've had a bit to drink (although the mile long walk home from the bus stop has sobered me up a fair bit), so I'll go now......

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LMAO, ahahahahahaha... that's too funny... and the ID thing reminds me of going to the movies... I was never ID'd UNTIL I turned 18, and for the movies at that... just last night I was carded XXXDDD and my friends weren't, I'm older than they are... Ok... so not the same thing, dance club and movies...

yup, 16/17 year olds are lame..

Fuck you. Altho that insult stands only until 26th October 2002.

hey! i was only saying that because I *am* 16, so I'm fully justified in thinking 16 year olds are lame.
by the way, cool icon.

Yes, I guess we 16/17 year olds are kinda lame. I'd like to think I'm above my fellow losers tho.

And thankyou, yours too is a good icon. Very...sadistic. I like.

I think everyone likes to think similarly. I guess we only have to be these ages for a few more years then we can look at it from an outsiders perspective.
sorry if my first comment pissed you off. wasn't really my intention.

Don't worry about it. No harm done.

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