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50 Reasons LotR Sucks

13. Did someone say plot hole?
Liv Tyler's character is seen easily defeating nine strong supernatural beings, even though she is clearly a woman.

Quality :o)

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someone has too much time on their hands
The wise old wizard character was stolen from Harry Potter.


speaking of plot loop holes, go see the mad spanish film 'talk to her' and wonder at how someone in prison managed ot lay their hands on various medicines, enough to overdose.

easily done.

i haven't seen that yet... my friend told me he'd get it for me from the Taiping, Taiwan night market, but i think he forgot.

Oh well, I can just find a $5 DVD elsewhere.

Personal favourite right now:

"The character of the Giant Evil Flaming All-Seeing Eye was based on former President Jimmy Carter."

I'm sorry, but geek lists are the reason the internet was made :D

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