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99% of the time people dont have a clue what's in your head
Self perception can be a tricky business... When the people who go on Big Brother talk about how they're doing it because they want to learn more about themselves, what they really mean is that they want to be able to see how they come across - understand themselves as others see them. And short of flinging yourself into reality TV, it's not an easy thing to do.

There's a few clues to how people see me... At Reading, Stu seemed to think I wanted to be the centre of attention - is that how I come across? And generally, people seem to generally treat me differently to how I would imagine they would, which means that my perception of how I am must be a little off base...

I think most of my self-image comes from how I saw myself up until the age of about seventeen... I was dramatically different, and I'm glad that I didn't have a journal back then, since I would probably read it and cringe - I can't even look back two years without wondering how I ever got by like I used to be.

So, for an exercise, here's more or less how I'd introduce myself four years ago:
My name is James, and I'm 16 going on 25. I'm really shy, and can't really talk to strangers. Everybody sees me as a total geek, but I try not to care because I have a couple of good friends. I don't really go out, because there's nowhere around here to go, and I don't drink because I'm morally opposed to the idea of altering my state of consciousness with chemicals. I've never kissed a girl, or really had a proper girlfriend.
Yes, that's really what I was like. And I still see myself like that, more or less. I walk around convinced that everybody sees me as a total loner geek, even though I've a suspicion that they might not. I'm still one of the most shy people I know, despite significant evidence to the contrary...

I dunno, maybe I'm not like that any more... Maybe I really have stopped being a shy loser geek. Or maybe I've just convinced myself of that in order to feel better about myself....

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*gives evil glare*

oooo if u were here i wud kick u so hard for that

ok so kicking people in the shins isn't my strong point but atleast i dont slap like a girl


Think carefully - would you rather I'd slapped you REALLY hard? I was being nice, damn you :oP

you, nice - ha!

so u being nice is telling me repleatedly u hate me and saying "ewww no i looked at u now i'm going to have to burn my eyes out"
your such a charmer.

i no the real reason u wouldn't slap me hard is cos ur scared i would get mad and kick ur ass

cos ur a pansy
a pansy with the lurgee


I only got the lurgee off you :oP

And I tell you what, next time I'm up there, we'll have a fight to the death. How's that? :oP

no i got the lurgee off you
u definitely had it first

cos ur a boy
and boys are ewwwwwww

ok so next time ur near bye
we can fight to the death

*moves to mexico*

See? SEE?!! You're scared of me!

Ha, I win :oP

i'm not scared of u
it just... erm...
i like mexico
its a very beautiful place

so neh

u dont win :P

(why do u have this obsession with winning? is it because ur a pathetic loser and it doesn't happen very often?)

Seems to happen ALL THE TIME against you. It's great to have found somebody who is even more of a loser than me ;oP

And you're clearly scared of me, because I could KICK YOUR ARSE, if I so chose (as opposed to grabbing it :oP)

ah u got me there
yes i do lose a lot to you, but then its hard not to when u have a razor sharp wit and your always just those extra few seconds ahead, like in jillys....oh no wait, that was me. mwa ha ha ha

besides i'm not all that opposed to a bit of arse kicking :)

Yes, twice you beat me. Compare and contrast that to the number of times my witticisms totally kicked your arse :oP

And I'm glad you're not opposed to it - you're gonna get one :oP

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