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One for the Music Fans
I have come to a rather obvious conclusion - Avril Lavigne is better than Korn. Well, y'know, maybe not Korn, since they've been around for quite a long time now and were fairly original once... But pick your favourite over-played Kerrang!-style band, and stick that into my assertion - it still holds true.

See, at some point, I think somebody told people that there was a fortune to be made in screaming along to palm-muting, with a few clever drums in there to make you look like you're talented. I mean look at Slipknot - arguably, they're all talented musicians, Corey Taylor is an excellent vocalist when he tries, yet all they seem to put out is angry yelling where the majority of the guitar work is trivial palm muting. Okay, maybe that's taking it a little far, but still - the songs hardly have much character to them, it's all to exactly the same formula. They could do something so much better...

I look at bands like Dream Theater, and just sit there in awe at their skill, because they're damned good and they show that. Then I put Kerrang! on and suddenly I remember why it is that music these days kinda sucks - it's all the bloody same. Or maybe I'm just getting too old for this goth/metal bullshit...

I laugh when I hear people say that Avril Lavigne is unoriginal... I mean honestly, MTV is just flooded with girlskatepunk, isn't it... Oh, hang on... Credit where it's due, there aren't really any artists quite like her, whereas if you kill a nu-metal band, a hundred more will be ready to take its place. It's like a tone-deaf hydra or something...

Anyway, I have no specific points to make... Just a general dislike for the majority of the heavier music out there, because nobody is doing anything any differently. Hell, Linkin Park beat most of them, because they have melodic vocals, a catchy style, and tend to want to hit notes rather than break guitars... There, I just insulted the whole genre by saying Linking Park and Avril Lavigne kick the ass of most heavy music around today - go me.

Well, I'll just sit here and wait for bands to realise that having music videos filled with blood and gore is only going to impress the mentally unstable element of society, and isn't going to win them any prizes for being original or clever.

PS, the scene is dead.

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i had something to say here but my blondeness has come through and i have totally forgotten what it was o_O hrmm yesh Andrew WK damnit :P

Ugh, no, I've told you before - Andrew WK = Bad. Not in a good way.

In all fairness a lot of punk pop sounds the same. Particularly Drive Thru stuff (with the exception of Finch, who are MCA now anyway). I think if you're a fan of the genre you pick up on the subtle nuances of each band, and jsut as we can pick out the differences between Fenix TX and New Found Glory, metal fans can distinguish all the roadrunner bands from one another. It jsut depends on how much attention you pay to the genre...

Wow, that was a disturbingly sane response there... :o)

And I know what you mean - if you buy a sampler CD from Fat Wreck, you can tell that most of the songs are pretty much the same... Ultimately, in this industry, everybody has similar influences, and nobody really does anything original any more, because it's either too difficult or too risky.

That being said, I agree, a lot of pop punk does sound painfully similar - it's the same of more or less every genre. I just picked on metal because it was on TV this morning and I saw three songs which seemed identical. While I'm by no means a fan of the style, I did try listening to it for quite a while, and yet it's still mostly the same. The main problem I have with it is the pretension that goes with it - I've found very few pop punk bands who seem to think that they're God's gift to the music industry, or think that they're being original and clever. Metal bands are far more likely to think that they're something special, in my experience (okay, so that's limited to reviews in Kerrang, but still...)

Mostly, it's just people slating other musicians and stuff. At the end of the day, I don't give a shit about originality. The sole reason I listen to music is to hear the funny sounds that the bands make, and enjoy them. I mean come on - I'm an Ataris fan, specifically, an Ataris fan who knows the guitar tablature to every song they ever did, more or less. I can point to at least five songs which use exactly the same chord progressions. It's not important. If I like a song, then chances are, I'll like an unoriginal copy of it.

But it annoys me when people start bitching at others for being unoriginal, when there's no originality left in the music industry (except, perhaps, for bands like Tool). So every now and again, I poke fun at the metal fans, because they're no better off than anybody else :o)

Wow, that was a disturbingly sane response there... :o)

You caught me on an off day, lol ;)

I'm an Ataris fan, specifically, an Ataris fan who knows the guitar tablature to every song they ever did

Ashamedly, I'm pretty much the same with Blink.

But I know what you mean about metal. Espcially in relation to Kerrang. Look at system of a down. They play piss poor stuff, but oooh, in weird time signatures - they must be amazing ;)

an Ataris fan who knows the guitar tablature to every song they ever did

Okay, when you get home, play me "Ray..." ;-)

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when you say that in heavy music nobody is doing anything differently, you are right up to a point. but when you get to the *proper* heavy bands (im talking extremem metal here) its a different thing altogether. the up and coming noise/grind scene is full of bands doing very interesting things (dillinger escape plan being a primary example and my new favourites labrat), death metal is slowly approaching a new resurgance of good bands finally (nile, decapitated and co), and the black metal scene is finally starting to accept new ideas (thorns, the newer satyricon stuff). so all hope is not lost for heavy music..

Hmm, true, while I personally think Dillinger Escape Plan suck my balls, I will concede that there's a certain originality to them... But still, mainstream metal is fucked, dude ;o)

Re: nozza Expand
bwahahaha! labrat are coming!

Re: nozza Expand
I agree completely.

What the music industry really needs is some creative bands who inspire new bands who go and be more creative and everything ends in a happy mess of creativity and sherbet.

Korn just repeat their formula ad infinitum, but at least it's their formula. Heh. Slipknot: Corey Taylor is not a talented vocalist. Either that, or his voice just happened to sound like ass at the Ozzfest last year. Altho he can roar okay. Joey Jordison is pretty damn good though.

In any case, there's a tremendous amount of excellent music out there, you just have to search for it. Of course most of the stuff on TV is derivative shit. Stuff that isn't at least somehow a rip-off of a previously successful band or style is not a guaranteed financial success, is it? I mean, there are exceptions - Reuben and HIFH are bands I was surprised to see on MTV2, and System Of A Down are huge now, and before that happened there wasn't anyone big that sounded very like them.

Ultimately nothing is totally original, but an awful lot of people are managing to keep some element of innovation in the genre - people like Mike Patton, for example - and then there are people who just do what they do and do it well - like Snuff - although I suppose re-recording your previous album as a dub album is something pretty original. :P

What it comes down to, for me, is what you like listening to. And who gives a rats ass otherwise. However, if you want original music, don't be surprised when Kerrang! doesn't offer that. Buy a fanzine, check out the underground scene. Read The mainstream will give you mainstream music; this should not come as a surprise. :)

P.S. Dream Theater are excellent musicians, but their songs are boring pieces of wankery. IMHO. :P

rock bands that i feel are the best right now:
linkin park, system of a down, korn, incubus

coolest punk pop girls:
pink and avirl

the worst pop girl:

You are all stupid

Nirvana is the greatest band of all time. Avril Lavigne? Maybe her image is original but her music sure isn't!!! Yeah, Incubus, Korn, and Linkin Park are very cool. Now everyone shut up and die.

Re: You are all stupid


Dude You're awesome!!!!

Dude You're awesome!!!!Linkin Park is the best!! Avril ain't bad either.....but LP is the best band on earth!!!!!! by the way, I'm anonomous coz I don't have a livejournal account (but I have a deadjournal!)

Linkin Park ROCKS!!!

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