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That's why you were juggling with the kittens, wasn't it...
Gah! I am so fucking excited about David's 18th birthday on Friday... I just hope I'm well for it... I had a cold the last time I was up in Manchester, and I got really ill because I didn't sleep, and I drank lots, and didn't eat, and was really active (clubbing, laser quest). Still, this time will be different. I will not burn out.

David is going to be 18.. Bless.. I remember when he was but a 15 year old geek, and look what he's become.. Why, he's almost normal now ;o)

So yeah, the plan as I understand it is to go up there on Friday, come back on Sunday... I get to meet lots of new people, which will be fun, and drink so much vodka that people will cringe, which will also be fun. Then I get to try out the whole Getting People To Kiss thing, in an attempt to get David some girls. It'll work, I have the sk1llz ;o)

I'm just so excited thinking about it. It's not even my birthday... then again, he is just an extension of me anyway, so it's not surprising.. ARGH!!!


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oh and saturday nights at jillys seems to have been better recently, so you wont think it sucks that much. i hope.

Do they play pop? ;o)

I'd say I was excited about meeting you, but I'm actually quite scared that you're going to violate me in some unnatural way...

You're safe - David has specifically asked me not to pull you. And I've already had my quota of men for this month :oP

Whoahoaholyshit!! "David" lives in Cheadle!?! That's like 6 mins from me (I know cos I had to run back from Zoe's that fateful sunday night and was late home). This is for some reason very cool. Where does he live exactly, and what's his second name? I'm not gonna hunt you or him down, it's just interest I assure you ;)

Well, he posted it in his LJ, so I guess it's safe to tell you.... 166 Queens Road. We're all off to Rockworld on Saturday, if you wanna turn up and complete the insanity :o)

Ah, that's more Cheadle Hulme than Cheadle.

And I think I'll give rockworld with you guys a miss. It'd just be plain awkward amongst other things, and Zoe goes to Rockworld or Rock Cafe or some place rock sounding and I intend to not see her all summer. Also, I fear a swift beating from you.

Bah.... You weren't there.... I wept :oP Maybe next time. Afterall we have music, computers, satire, and having seen mel naked in common. Why wouldn't we get on? ;)

Less of the Elmay akednay, please :oP

Bah, you uckfayed her.

Add to the end of the last comment:


Unnecessary - I felt it was implied

Yeh, pig latin does have that effect. Wanted to be sure tho. With matters of the heart/penis it is the wrong thing that is often implied.

Yeh, but she didn't.

Ba boom ching...



can i hace yuor auotgraph?

Trust me, you don't want it. It's shitty...

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