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Oh how I did ming... ;o)


The best picture I managed to get of No Use


Shanu, Alex, Gemma, Jamie (and boy do I look bad (still))

I see you Mike...

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Ye gods man I've just eaten! :0)

Call it revenge for the picture of you in the shower :o)

hehe do you want any to go on the amp picture site?

If you like, yeah, that'd be cool :o)

mwahahahah i'm so glad i took that group pic and didn't have to be in it :P

I have a picture of you :oP

aww cool pictures. a yellow tent! wooo

It was just a random one :o)

must.. resist.. temptation.. to.. slag.. james.. off...


I must've been looking good, I kissed tons of people :oP

(and guess how many were better than you, bitch :oP)

Re: nozza Expand
Is the quality of the pictures that bad, or is it the scanning?

Quality of the pictures, sorry... Was only a little disposable camera, and it was difficult to take live ones...

Re: ed Expand
I have two of you, including one where you're pulling Gemma

You listened to me and took your shirt off again!

Fwahah. I win.

:: Continues to read the journal but dun think that Jamie ever added 'em back. ::

holy shit!

i suck in that photo, but i'm gonna keep it anyway. huh. hopefully there are better ones elsewhere. :P

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