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I'm on a three day week, it's good... I had yesterday off because it was a bank holiday, and I have Friday off because I'm going to Manchester to abuse people... It's David's 18th, and so I must be there to see him :o)

By Sunday, I'll have worked for just 3 out of the last 10 days - that's going to be good.. :o)

Time to write up my reviews of the bands I saw now, I think.. If I can remember them....

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i decided to add you caus ewell you seem really cool... and you're foregin to me.. ummm... yeah i'm bored it's like 3:15 am my time.. and yeah you just seemed neat.... and yes i need ethat... add me if you want...*it's your own fault!*

this is waaay cheaper than text messages - but yeah, whenever you're free too. you have david's on friday, yeah? well, this week i am working wed 11am to 3pm and thurs - 6pm to finish

so if you wanna go after work tomorrow we could... have you decided on the design?

Yeah, I've more or less decided... Ish... Mostly... :o)

And I think I'm free tomorrow, yeah... The only issue is money, I don't know if I have much right now - not being paid until later in the week :o\

how much will it cost? cause i can lend you til the end of the week, you did pay for my fish ticket :) also, do you know where you want to get it done?

I dunno how much it'll cost, probably more than I have... And I'm not sure about letting you cover it, even temporarily - it's not the sort of thing I let people do :o)

And I don't know where I want it done - I think we decided that somewhere was good, but since then I've sorta forgotten where that was... I suck :o\

If you can find a nice place that'll do the design I have in mind, then let me know :o)

nice tattoo parlours?! nice?!? you're so sweet :P but yeah, the place i got my belly done was quite cool and he used all the right needles n stuff and it's still all healthy despite 2 festivals...

then again, that is watford.

anyway, what's the design you want?

Well I didn't mean nice as in all pink and fluffy... I just meant nice as in not diseased and skanky...

And I want a black ring of fire around a red or blue symbol of some kind (not decided on exactly what symbol)... We saw one kinda like that on a website....

:) nice. on your arm? y'know i saw a guy with a tattoo around his forearm that was a string of lyrics in caps. it looked verr cute. anyway, i will look up places close to chinnor, maybe in aylesbury?

(it's 11:38, argh!)

And yeah, right bicep... Aylesbury is probably the closest you'll find one to me I expect, but that's okay... Even though that place is kinda scary :o)

And I'd get lyrics, but I'm far too musically fickle to permanently inscribe song lyrics onto me... I'd change my mind after a few weeks :o)

hehe, you music fascist :P (11:38 - why?!? time bastards) and i found a place that seems cool, i shall check it out.

It's always 1138, the number is everywhere... Movies, computer games, the time, my student number, my other AIM screen name... *sigh*

And I'm not a music fascist, stop going around accusing people of that randomly, nobody is fooled :oP

And yay, cool place :D

hehe, tis cool :) it's called woody's too :P

anyway, i do not randomly accuse anybody of anything! you bring it all on yourself :P and maybe 1138 is like your number or something... schpooky

I'll take a look. And you so do accuse people of being music fascists, for no reason. You is loopy.

And maybe it is my number - I knew a girl whose number was 236 once, that damned number was EVERYWHERE.....

Ooh, that place looks good... And I know exactly where it is. It's done by appointment, so maybe we should book it for next week or something...

you're getting a tattoo??? O_O

:) coooool! book it and i'll sort the time out with my boss. i wonder what my number is...

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