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Well, I'm back home at Uni now. But I had to get out of the house, because nobody else was back - that thing isn't the most fun place to be all on your own. Malibu is yum.

Anyway, let's see... After a pleasant half hour train ride from High Wycombe to London getting me in at 13:30, I took the tube to Victoria for 14:00, and then got a train direct back to Brighton getting me in at 15:00. Wanting to just get home ASAP, I got a taxi the rest of the way - expensive, but worth it to just get the hell back home again. And so I'm here. I made myself some food (I left much of it down here, thankfully), ate it, and then made my way to the computer labs, where I find that Chas has recalled his Planetarion fleet, so I'm left to face my attackers alone. Less good... Hopefully, my 1.3k laser turrets will help - otherwise, I'm in serious trouble...

Anyhow, the last few days have been good. LJ seems to have been down more often than not, so I've been posting less. High points of recent days include (and, in fact, are limited to) getting a few e-mails from Bri. He's (thankfully) become slightly unhinged again, which is always good - now he's back to the old Bri who once again semi-depends on me for support and stuff. It's nice to have him back - I love him dearly, and when he's "new Brian" it's rather painful to watch, as it goes... Thankfully, now he's back to rambling on about God knows what, and trusting me with stuff (not that he stopped trust me, he just stopped doing things I'd need to be trusted with. Or something). Anyhow, it made me very happy for a good few days...

Right, now I suppose I'd best be off back to the flat... Maybe people will be there now. I phoned Vicky earlier, and she says she might come down tomorrow bringing 16 (yes, 16) friends with her. James too may be coming down tomorrow, Claire may be coming down God knows when, and Alex, Caroline and Ben are meant to be coming down today, although so far I've not seen them. Oh well.

Anyhow, must go back to the flat, sans computer (and therefore music, TV, internet chat), sans people, sans fun, sans everything. Ho hum...


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