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My name is Jamie and I'm going to the Reading Festival
I love you too Claum :o)

I'm packed and ready... I made mix CDs... One is silly, and has Chesney Hawkes, Suckers for Self Destruction, OMD and a shit-load of punk covers. The other rocks out, and has NOFX, Jawbreaker, Lagwagon, Alkaline Trio, Less than Jake, and The Ataris. And it starts off with the Invader Zim theme song. I'm taking my Zim t-shirt with me, since it's the closest I have to a cool thing to wear :o)

Ooh, and I'm taking my Frisbee. You will all marvel at my l33t drunken sk1llz. Oh yes... (But seriously, if anybody is up for a game, it'll be fun - I 0wn).

I put the batteries in the CD player - it works, woo. 8 C batteries. FFS... But it's all good now. Packed enough socks and underwear to last me, I'm taking two t-shirts (including the one I'm wearing), and two pairs of trousers (again, including the ones I'm wearing). I'd love to take more clothes and change lots, but I can't fit them in because I have a tiny rucksack... So instead, I'm just bringing lots of deodorant (thanks Jess, for the spelling).

My family took the torches on holiday with them, and I didn't get bin bags. I will steal from you all when you're not looking. Because I paid £15 for batteries, God damnit. I get first choice of music, oh yes ;o)

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Hi.. I commented what seems like an age ago about the meaning of love definition.. anywho.. we split up.. but I'm not blaming that on you.

I added you.. you seem pretty cool... hope you don't mind.. and maybe add me back.


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