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"While no one will ever take your place in her heart, two tennis instructors, a bassist, and several of your friends have taken your place in her other areas."

Lunch was good... The sun was out, and I walked around the outside of the town, through fields, rather than into the centre... It was nice :o)

Saw loads of people from school - two years on, the still work at Waitrose... *sigh*

Anyhow, not much to say - this post is just an excuse to write the hilarious quote at the top :o)

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lol Either that quote is tricky to read or I am really dumb because I read over it 3 times[i think] before it made sense..and then I read it a 4th and got it ;x

I think I'm just having a bad day ;]


Not to worry, happens to the best of us :o)

Just so long as you get it now :o)

those smiley faces make me feel even more retarded ;\

NOO stop it >:[

*jumps on your back to tackle u* :

I'm 6'2", and vaguely strong. I probably wouldn't even notice you, you'll have to try harder than that :o)

hehe 0o0 cocky boy :P

*squeezes your balls as hard as I can* :]

Ouch, that's not nice :o(

I meant..

massages** your balls :P yummay..

Don't think I'm mean =(

Dude, you're 15 - I'd rather you were causing me pain than trying to turn me on - it's probably more legal :oP

okay um..well, sorry. I just won't talk to you anymore, ok?

Not necessary - just less of the being sick and wrong :oP

Well I didn't know I was going to offend you so notably..

I live on an entirely different continent

It's still wrong, sorry :oP

*gets on my knees and kisses your feet*

You're right, I WAS wrong..I'm so sorry :P


so that's a bit creepy that we have the same birthday. Sorry, wakeingzero randomly im-ed me the other day, so I was just checking out who her friends were.


Heh, I know lots of people with our birthday. It's because it's cool :o)

That quote really is something special. Where's it from?

The Onion... Horoscopes section... :o)

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