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Nicked this from Frances, she can't have it back...

xxx Name you like to be called by: Jamie
xxx How old are you: Twenty
xxx How old do you feel?: Twenty Five
xxx Random fact, which few people know about you: I get really bad rheumatism, and I've got it now, in both my knees, and it makes me want to cry with the pain, and I can't do anything about it
xxx Current attire: Grey t-shirt, black trousers
xxx Something you should be doing right now, but you’re not: Working?
xxx What you would rather be doing: Sleeping / Making my knees better / Talking to friends
xxx Look to your right, what do you see?: A digital camera, a battery charger, PCBs, paper, phone lists...
xxx Name a couple of songs which best reflect the past year of your life: Everclear - Learning how to Smile, Saves the Day - Sell My Old Clothes..., The Ataris - Summer Wind Was Always Our Song
xxx Current obstacle you are trying to overcome: The pain which stops me from walking. Also, emotions.
xxx Life would be perfect in your world if: I had enough money that I could stop worrying about it
xxx Someone you will never forget, and why: David, because without him I would just be James.
xxx One song that gives you a feeling which you can’t describe to anyone else, good or bad: Ordinary World by Duran Duran, because it always stops me wanting to die (in the event that I actually do, which is mercifully rare)
xxx Something you learned today, but you will probably forget by next week: Craig has upgraded all the PCs in the office except for mine
xxx Favorite childhood memory: Being in productions
xxx Who was your teacher in third grade?: Well, my third ever teacher was Mrs Cook, after Mrs Wagstaff and Mrs Gamble. Then Mr Thompson, then Mrs Peters, then Mrs Crouch, then I went to secondary school....
xxx What did you dream about last night?: Flowers
xxx You hear children laughing, is it scary or cute?: Cute
xxx Name someone you wouldn’t mind kicking: You. You know who you are.
xxx One song and one band which most people hate, but you like: The song would be Gareth Gates' new one.. The band would be Abba...
xxx Last thing that made you laugh, a good laugh. Not just a chuckle: I dunno, I've not laughed yet today...
xxx If you could take off in a car right now and never come back, who would it be with? Why? Where would you go first?: Just me, because I want to get away from everything, from other people, from life... As for where I'd go - probably my house in Brighton...
xxx What color underwear are you wearing? Are they comfortable?: Uh, I'm not wearing underwear. I worked out that if I wore underwear today, I wouldn't have enough left for Reading, so I.. kinda.. didn't...


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