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Something I said once.....
Go kiddies, go parade your ignorance and unoriginality. Stop thinking. Stop writing. Post online tests. Yeah, just do tests, including mine. I'm part of the system, part of the problem, and I'm screwing your credibility from every angle. The more you listen to me, the more ridiculous you look, and with every nonsense post of mine that you absorb, I'm harvesting your brain cells and using them for distributed processing. You are my drones, and you're now thinking for me so that I don't have to give a fuck.

If I could write a sinister plot twist involving a lust for power into my life, then I would. Instead, I have to be content with abusing everybody with confusion and inflicting as many random paranoia complexes onto my viewing public as I possibly can. Sleep tight, children....

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but Jamie... you're not crazy enough...


Rchl, nobody is crazy compared to you ;o)


what about miri?


dons tin foil hat.

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