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Summer dreams, ripped at the seams
So yeah, man, I was bummed out last night... The reason being, I was getting all broody yesterday (as I do), and so I was in "Must Make Babies" mode... Uh, that's not another way of saying I was horny, you bastards. I was just, like, really wanting to have kids, for one reason or another. Then I watched Six Feet Under, where a baby died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and you saw it all from the baby's eyes, with his parents fussing over him, and looking at him with such obvious affection, and then he died, and man was that possibly the worst thing I could have possibly seen on TV.

I mean, it was great, well done to the writers, because they really conveyed quite how tragic it was. But I was in an "I love babies" mood, so it just kinda fucked my head up completely. From that point on I turned into some angry depressive, and several people did well to go offline before I dragged them down with me. Hence the post last night - I decided to turn a bit of my distress into resentment instead, which was fun...

After that, spoke to Ste for a while - every now and again that man really reminds me how much he rules. Ste = Good. Despite what he says about me ;o) Anyway, after that, and the various (hollow, inspired by pity, but) nice comments on the last picture, I feel a lot happier. Then on the bus this morning, this young couple (mid/late twenties at a guess) got on the bus with their kids, going on a day out somewhere. That cheered me up as well - guess I'm still a bit broody (will snap out of it - not allowed children yet, I know).

I had really weird sleep. I was woken up at about 5am by somebody screaming "I get to see Gareth Gates naked!!". I'm hoping it was on the TV, because I don't want to start dreaming of scary teeny boppers... Saw the (awful) video for the (awful) single version of Come What May on TV - how they could kill such a good song, I do not know. (PS, the time is 1138, argh!)... And last night, in a half-hour period on Magic, they played 500 Miles three times. There's only so much ugly scottish twin I can take before I want to hurt them. And then they played Everything I Do by Bryan Adams twice in a row. Lame. On the other hand, they play Summer Lovin' quite a bit, which is cool, since I can sing it, and do the dance moves, cos I was in Grease, oh yes... :o)

Only a couple of days before Reading... Rachel comes over tomorrow night, and then the night after, I'm off... Time to list everything I'll need... Hmm...

*goes off to think*

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Maybe, although y'know, I could just wander around the campsite looking for some instead....

No - Jaems keeps the shampoo to shove up the bottoms of those who offend him!

Thats right innit Jaems! ;0)

Shoving things up bottoms? Disgusting.

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