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You know what, everybody who gave me negative comments on my picture the other day can go shove a shampoo bottle up your arse so far you foam at the mouth :oP

If I can't be pretty, I'll just have to be a rock star, because then I can look like shit and so long as I'm holding a guitar, people will want me, because people are so fucking fickle. It really is that easy, and there are countless examples to prove my point. So fuck you.

So go on, pile on the negative comment, because my self confidence really needs that shit from you. Remind me to fuck you all up the arse with a blunt instrument when you're down :oP

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i think that's the most vitriolic i've ever heard you be... yip!

::and applause::

I like it - letting of steam is good :o)


Jamie- I think you are mighty fine... you might possibly blow my mind. haha. Dont listen to everyone's comments. They are just jealous of your sexyness..

Wow... your middle finger is awfully big here..and loong too...schexy baby;)

You're not half as ugly as David said you were.
I hope this is as jesting as our comments were the other day man. You know I'm game for you any day of the week.

Hmm.... it's not entirely jesting. Am just in a bad mood I guess...

And I know you are, but you're easy ;o)

Don't get yourself down though. It's easy to start on a downward spiral.
Some of us have enough time to worry.

mra! the sexy hobo strikes again!

Heh, why thank you, that means a lot coming from somebody so stunning as yourself :o)

^_^ so mannerly, hehe.

Well, y'know, I try... :o)

If I'm thinking something nice, then I might as well say it, as it makes the world a nicer place to do so :o)

this is why i need to live in England..

or in Austrailia, i cant resist english or Australian accents ^_____^ good news for england i guess ^~

Yeah, don't go to Australia, come here... ;o)

ah, hmm well i suppose i wouldnt have a place to go in Australia, and i could stay with you in england ^_^ , hmm but in england all of the guys are wearing shirts :/ such a hard choice

I don't wear a shirt.... Where I live, guys rarely wear much at all.... :o)

hmmmmmm, yeah alright, england it is ^__^

It's good, I live near the sea, on the south coast, and it's warm.... In the summer I can go out shirtless at 2am down to the beach :o)

sounds great! very romantic esque ^_^

Personally I think your hot. Better put that shampoo to use!

People suck. You didn't look bad, imo (which means next to nothing, I know).

Don't know who pissed you off or what pic you're talking about, but I hope you feel better ^_^, hope this entry with the blowing off steam helped...

This is another(hollow, inspired by pity, but)nice comment.

I like your eyes in that picture.

But the picture doesn't show how blue they are :o(

So did you find it offending that I was complimenting your not-real-color-almost-seem-black-eyeballs? Don't answer that...

Seriously, they look cute...almost friendly. I mean, yeah. Oh scratch the almost friendly part...J'ai faim, donc je suis silly...or something like that...

Friendly? :o)

I dunno, I rather think I just look kinda lost in the picture really :o)

Lost? A lost Jamie? A sexy-hawtt-funi+lost Jamie? An Anti-Bush-Regime-Sarcastic-BLX-Writer+lost Jamie?

Cute :o)

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