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Oh, that felt good...
My boss asked how I was doing with the database, I explained, and he smiled. He seems pleased at my progress. This is good - I now feel like I've actually accomplished something... It's sickening how much I seek approval from others, and the massive effect that has on my state of mind, really....

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Not at all! People are motivated in different ways! Insights personality profiling is very good at identifying how to motivate employees - thats what we use!

I'm like you - often a pat on the back or a word of congratulations on achieving summat can have a dramatic effect on my work rate/enthusiasm!

Hmmmmz - maybe someone should say summat nice to me today! :0)

Seems to make sense - as soon as I feel like my work is being appreciated, I'm likely to do far more of it (inbetween the LJ comments, of course)... If I feel like whatever I do will never be quite good enough, I'm inclined to not bother trying at all...

And if you're looking for compliments from me forget it ;o)

And if you're looking for compliments from me forget it ;o)

Pfft I know you know I know better than to expect anything like that! :0P Heh - I forgot to mention the motivational aspects of this praise is often person specific - so even if you did offer it - it probably wouldn't work - unless you've suddenly become my boss or project sponsor or summat! EEK!

/me runs off to check the org structure with a small degree of trepidation!"

You seem to forget, you are The Inimitable Woz, and thus I am your leader :o)

The closest you'll get to a compliment is an admission that you know way more about how to talk to women in pubs and stuff, and that I should very much like to ask for some tips before I go back to uni :o)

Oh yes - I often forget that fact! Probably due to the lack of any actual leadership - ever!

I doubt my advice on chatting women up would be much good! My target audience is - ummm - vastly different to any you could/would find at University! There's often an air of assumed superiority I find with female students - generally speaking - when confronted with any of my advances! I should add there is a huge element of "in my experience" in there! That said though when I was a student I did have a GREAT time too! ;0)

Actually the funniest one was when we were trying to chat up these students in a taxi rank a few years back - one of the girls was a real nark and snapped out at us saying "And how many degrees do you have then?" after which she proceeded to laugh until I responded with "Two, how many do you have?" - she was an undergraduate! I didn't follow it up with the phd story as it wasn't needed - the whole taxi rank was in stitches laughing at the poor girl! Serves her right mind!

Oh its great being such an unknown quantity at times! :0)


There's often an air of assumed superiority I find with female students

Nail, head, WHACK!

That's exactly what I find. This "I'm too good for you" attitude from every single damned girl. Curse them.....

Well I think its because they need to convince themselves as such - more than actually thinking it!

Things is though mate - who actually wants to get together with a woman like that!? Not me - I'm on this planet to have fun not feel like I owe someone something because they've deigned to go out with me!

If they are like that I would stick your own nose in the way and leave them to it - I find ignoring wannabes is the best way to intrigue them! :0)

I guess people are just more motivated to do things when they're happy or something along those lines...

C'est possible!

Although I can be happy at home and unhappy at work! but I see your point!

I'm the same way... there's nothing wrong with being encouraged by positive reinforcement... it only becomes a problem when either a) you will do anything for a compliment, even when it's just empty flattery or b) you become so desperate for attention that even negative attention is better than none at all.

Heh, the latter is already true of me, so... :o)

In my pseudo-family we have taken that to insane levels. For instance, when my Little Princess and I were trying to get to sleep in the wee hours one morning, we took turns calling each other as many racial slurs as we could think of. The next morning we went through the list and realized we'd only missed about 3... Then I told her to shut up and she snapped, "You just don't like me because you're WHITE!"

Ah... I love my family.

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