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I'm in love with Tesla Girls
Stupid cat didn't come in last night. Or the night before, for that matter... So let's go back to Saturday - just when I was calling her in for her food, she caught a mouse, so she wasn't allowed in (otherwise she'd bring it with her). After staying out all night, she then slept through a lot of Sunday (despite me encouraging her not to), and then went out in the late afternoon and didn't bother coming back for dinner. And I didn't see her this morning, so I just left her some food out in the garden - hopefully she'll be around later on when I get home.

Last night was cool, I had all the windows open downstairs, because it was too warm. Ordinarily, that would let moths in, which in turn would freak out everyone in my family - none of them like moths at all... But since they're away, I wasn't too bothered - the moths came in, and sat on me a bit, but it was all good... Being at one with nature is good... Lots of bugs, and I didn't kill any - go me. Of course, the cat will when she comes back home, but that's probably just as well - my family wouldn't enjoy them...

From left to right along the top, Tolis, Joyce, Mice, Me, Vicky, Alex, then left to right along the front, Claire, Ebs, Harry, Lollo, Jimbo.

I've just been thinking about the others a lot lately... That picture was taken on the last night out we all had together, for when Joyce left (over a year ago now). For those who don't yet know who I'm on about, I refer of course to the people I lived with last year. There were twelve of us - Lollo, Joyce, Jimbo, Tolis, Alex, Ebs, Mice, Harry, Annie, Me, Vicky, Claire. We had possibly the coolest flat in the world - oh how we rocked. And the drama, oh the drama... Me/Harry, Me/Alex, Jimbo/Vicky, Vicky/Mice, Mice/Ebs...

From left to right, Claire, Ebs, Joyce, Jimbo

Anyway, yeah, on the last day when we were all living together last June, we went out for a meal, all twelve of us. It was this Lebanese restaurant just outside Brighton station (it's now within a minute's walk of my current house, which is nice).. It was BYOB, so naturally, we went to the off-license practically next door and bought a load of bottles of wine to have with the meal - everybody was nicely drunk after that... And I actually ate a meal out - I've done that perhaps three times at Uni, not including Pizza Hut.

From left to right, Tolis, Ebs, Me, Mice, Alex, Vicky, Joyce, Claire, Harry, Jimbo

Anyway, eventually the meal ended, people were finished with their wine and whisky, and we made our way down to the beach. Mice, Tolis and Annie all parted company with us, having better things to do or something ,so... Ebs got all cold, and I gave him my jacket - I felt well proud of myself, since I was sufficiently warm inside from the wine that I wasn't cold at all. That, plus the fact that he had a thin shirt on, whereas I had my thick grey one, but still....

Anyhow, we got to the beach, and sat around. At one point, Jimbo tried to throw Lollo in the sea, so Ebs and myself ran after him, I brought him to the ground, and we were going to throw him in the sea. Sadly, he was kicking me so hard that I decided not to. Then more altercations followed - I picked Vicky up and made a run for the sea, but kinda fell over before I got there. I was immediately set upon by various girls all trying to put me in the sea for my crime - a plan I was not happy with. I escaped, and ran back to the others, and lay back down on the pebbles. Many photos were taken of everybody then too.

Alex, Me, Claire

After the beach, we went to Wetherspoons and continued our drinking, which was nice - as I recall, I had a big heart to heart discussion with Claire about something or other (probably the Alex situation). Every now and then, I get on really well with her, it's good... Stayed in the pub until closing, and then went on to the Honey Club (which is where all the pretty girls go) and danced the night away to 70s and 80s music... Plus, I think it was the only time I ever went to the Honey Club without any guys coming on to me, which was novel...

Ah, memories... That was such a good night. We had a few of those, actually - seeing Charlie's Angels was another one. We went out as a massive group of us (well, about eight of us I guess), watched the movie, and then went down to the beach and play-fought for ages. Oh, and as I recall, some random guys tried to sell us pills, although we were already off our heads on adrenaline or something, so we really had no need for them... :o)

This last year just hasn't been the same - this time there's only five of us living together, and the tension makes it kinda weird. There's often tension/issues of some kind going on between Me/Claire, Me/Harry, Me/Alex, Jimbo/Claire, Jimbo/Alex... Oh, and Me/Jimbo issues occur after he's had a few too many drinks and thinks that what I need most in the world is him undermining my self confidence, and then randomly hitting me when I don't want to do the same stuff he does. Crazy boy... :o)

Perhaps this next year, I'll have a bit more fun... New people, and stuff... Go me...


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