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Soulless evil slut-demons from Hell, all of you.

Well, not you, per se. In fact, as far as I know, the above demographic doesn't read my LJ. I'm probably not 'hott' enough for them, and for this I am eternally grateful. The more I use this ridiculous FacePoncy thing, the lower my view of humanity sinks. I knew guys were assholes, that's taken as read, but I tend to choose my friends appropriately and thus never get exposed to that sort of person.

I dunno... Humanity just depresses me.... And the paragraph above has been in the LJ client for the last 9 hours without getting posted.... That's sad....

I guess I dunno quite how to get across the point that humanity really sucks. No wonder I don't tend to form new interpersonal relationships with people, when faced with such an example of what 'other people' are like....

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Sadly it only gets worse mate!

I have a very dim view of the majority of the general populace - there are only a few exceptions to the rule! :0(


I don't doubt it.... People suck. I've always tried to believe that people are essentially good, and sensible, and that the ones who weren't were the exceptions. Now I'm wondering if it's not the other way around and that I've just been lucky so far....

Well in my experience people will on the whole sh*t on you at the first opportunity if it means they gain something (usually material wealth) by doing so!

I'm an optimist for the most part but where other people are concerned - I turn to pessimisim simply due to experience!

The trick is to protect yourself well so others actions cannot impact upon you in any significant way - life politics I guess! Not nice to play but necessary due to the nature of "the beast"(s)!

Oh dear I do sound like a right old cynic!

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