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Thank you for curing me of my...
I phoned David for the sole reason that I learned how to play Amphetamine on the guitar, and I wanted to show off. He seemed sleepy, and not entirely in the mood for it, so I only played him the intro :o)

Wrote new BLX, it's already been called low-brow, but hey, I write for an audience these days, it kinda has to be... Subtlety is lost on people these days, and I don't have a large enough readership to make it worthwhile...

... in a moment we lost our minds here, and dreamed the world was round, a million mile fall from grace, thank God we missed the ground ...

Playing GTA3 some more... Not much else to do around here..... So damned bored....

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oo oo download my new cars. gwaan, you know you want to lol.

spam? moi? hush now

PS2 version, sorry :o)

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