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Attention Women!
Your gender shocks me sometimes. Really, it does.... Ever so many slappers, and here I was just never realising it. The preliminary results of my PaceFarty survey have been disappointing - my faith in humanity has been rocked. Discounting those people who are obviously just replying as a wind-up, there are a lot of people on that thing who seemed to genuinely not care if they were talking like utter sluts or something.

And since it's already been established that I talk like a slut (despite being a well-mannered, emotionally balanced, friendly young man), it has amused me to further wind them up over it.
> I'm in Perth
> Scotland! come fuck me! hard fast and deep!
> jen x

I would, but I've lost interest - you're far too easy, I'd be scared of catching something....
I'm such a bitch sometimes :o)

I fell asleep last night in front of Magic (a Music TV channel), which was nice... I love that channel, it plays some really good music. They played The Proclaimers - 500 Miles... Wow, ugly talentless Scottish twins... The singing really got on my nerves too, they just put too much of the accent into it and it ended up sounding kinda stupid. So naturally, I now intend to cover the song :o)

(yes, a gratuitous picture, sue me, it's been ages since I last did that)

In addition to that song, I also saw Gareth Gates' song. And I have a confession. I actually kinda like it... The chorus structure is kinda good, I'm a fan of the melody (it uses notes I like, what can I say), and there's a good key change in it. Take out the fact that it's him singing it, and it'd be fine. And he's certainly better than Will Young, who just irritates the shit out of me. No offence or anything....

But yeah, that's why I had to come back to the study and play loud guitar - have to flush Gareth Gates out of my system, so to speak... He does not belong there. Anyway, back to asking random girls for meaningless sex for the hell of it.....

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And you are a friendly young man, without doubt...but a /scrawny/ one, as well. ;)

This I've noticed :o)

the scrawny shall inherit the earth!

gareth gates looks like he is constipated when he sings.


Agreed... But it's still a good song, even if he's crap :o)

Take your shirt off more often. :D

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