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When the summer's over and the dark clouds hide the sun
Neither you nor I'm to blame when all is said and done

I've been exchanging a few messages with people on the Sussex CompSci mailing list... For some reason, the CompSci courses are taken by lots of pretty girls. Ah, I miss sitting in lectures with all the hot girls everywhere.... Hell, I've not been to a lecture since sometime in February as I recall... But next year will be different, oh yes... So yeah, it's fun talking to people from Uni - makes me feel slightly more connected to it, even if they failed to get my sense of humour. This is the mail I replied with:
Sarah Bleksley wrote:

> Does anyone know why i keep getting emails about enhancing the size of
> my penis? I don't have a penis myself, and my boyfriend's doesn't need
> enhancing at all :)
> Whoeve is doing this evil and irritating thing must stop! especially if
> it as you COLIN.
> Sarah ;)

Sorry, I think those were for me....

And nobody laughed. I think they half took me seriously and thought I'd been requesting spam or something. *sigh* Fortunately, I'm only really interested in social interaction with the people on my course who can take my jokes, so if this precludes talking to some of them, I won't mind too much. Biology students are hotter anyway. Plus, I'm not even doing any CompSci courses next year - woohoo! :o)

Alfred is outside and has caught a mouse... So she's not coming in tonight. Not for a while, certainly. She seems to be happy prodding it until it squeaks and tries to run away, then catching it again. I know it's only natural and stuff, and the whole food chain crap, but still, it doesn't seem fair. Poor mouse... If she does come in, I'm gonna give her Hell anyway - if it's in the rules that bigger things eat smaller things, I'll hunt her around the house for a bit.. She seems to enjoy that game anyway....

FacePanty has been amusing tonight - really relieved me of any boredom I might have been experiencing. Also good for me has been talking to Jo - she's been great today. In her own words, "our friendship's a funny one when you think about it, we just dump all our emotional baggage on to each other". It's kinda good... We both still really care about each other, can tell each other anything, not get judged... But there's no pressure on the whole thing or anything. I dunno.... She helped me earlier, I helped her this evening. It's all good... She thinks me such a grown-up, just because I have a bit of experience in the old life thing (who'd have thought it, eh?)... And a lot of experience in getting hurt, it seems... As I said to somebody earlier,
You think this is what it is to get fucked up? Let me tell you, getting fucked up is flying 5,000 miles to see the love of your life, only to find that less than a week before, she lost her virginity to the worst possible person in the world, and that while you were homeless on the streets of new york desperately trying to get to her, she was in snuggled up in bed with him on Christmas day, having had him over for dinner with her family. That's getting fucked up
And indeed, so it is... Yay, life experience :o\


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