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Teh Tets!!1!!
Okay, so, this is interesting...

falling.apart.slowly says: (Jamie)
I'm gonna ask more girls for a shag
falling.apart.slowly says: (Jamie)
I wanna see some more reactions
I'll sleep on Friday. says: (Liam)
it could well be your purpose in life

So yeah... To amuse myself (because I'm so bored), I'm gonna go around FackParty with the line "hey gorgeous, you seem cool, wanna shag?", and see what responses I get. Because I'm genuinely interested to see how people would react to that... I'd never considered just randomly saying it before :o)

Responses so far:
  1. yeh, how much?
  2. Hey there thanks for the msg.. and thanks but no thanks on the offer!!
  3. hiya gorgeous!!
  4. sure babe! whens good for you!
  5. How rude! :O
  6. hey babe, a/s/l? think im fitt?
  7. ha! ud be lucky :oP
  8. ha in ur dreams
  9. Lol! Um... =P
  10. Was about to say the same to u...wait a minute...u wont like me-im stupid :p hehe
  11. Wanna go somewhere to
  12. hiya, nice email thanx but i think id like to find out ur name b 4 we shag :P
  13. lol yeah sure ! u seem cool to!
  14. no thanx, id rather kiss a dogs ass, failing that, ill kill myself
    (to which I replied with "I'll take that as a 'probably not' then")
  15. that was rather erm forwaaaard! if yew know waht i meen? sorree if o cantt spell very weel im justa lill drunk!!! yew lewk quiite nyce teew alixxx
  16. hey there. Pwoar ur SeXy! u seem pretty cool too. u single? *lookin amazed* if u wanna chat to me then get bac to me! ;) c ya later -x-x-
  17. wow ur cute! Yeah! I prefer brown haired guys, so go to your origional! You are fine!
  18. i think u r extremely fuckable too!
  19. no thanx
  20. lol yea sure, if i didnt have a bf. maybe another time yea? lol
  21. You sent me a msg, but im not sure if i know u. but u look fit, so u wanna chat?
  22. hey, thanx for the compliment, i like ur profile and pics....not bad, sorry not into cyber or meetin up with ppl off the net...doubt im gna get a reply
  23. Ur a bit forward but very gorgeous and i wudnt say no so ill let you off lol. Hope u r ok? Spk soon
  24. got a cheek aint ya
  25. lmao, NO!!!
  26. nufin like the straight forward approach eh? Soz mate gotta bf

Note: I am not doing this because I want to sleep with any of these people. For starters, the scum you get on that site aren't even worthy of standing in my presence, let alone anything else, and secondly, EWWW...

Update: Special mention goes to one lucky user, who said: "O yeah,was reading ur profile-my god ur english is good!!!" I mean please... :o)

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lmao - the words comedy and genius spring to mind here.

Stay tuned for Phase 2, when I go to bars and clubs posing the same question... If I had a video camera, I'd get a friend to tape it :o)

(uh, tape me asking the question, as opposed to anything else that happens, naturally...)

hmmm, i wonder how many slaps a man can take in one night? ;-)

Heh, well the Internet study was quite encouraging, if I assume a 1/10 success rate, it'd be worth it....

... although having said that, I don't think any girl who'd go for that would really be the sort of girl I'd want. My standards require a girl smart enough not to want me.

This is amusing, because I once made a post in my withoutwings journal along the lines of: "I'll fuck the first guy who asks me, 'Hey sexy, let's go back to my plane and shag.' ¬¬ He'll never expect it."


I may try this when I get back to Uni - it might be amusing....

Oh, to go to your school...

Hope you don't get slapped! :O

I think it's fairly likely that I would... But that won't necessarily stop me. What'll stop me is my inate inability to talk to strangers... But perhaps that'll be overcome by the sheer amusment factor of the whole thing. I've overcome fears in the past simply because doing that thing would make a great story to tell people...

That's usually what gets me to do strange things. Like talk to myself in public, and scream at sudden appearances of David Bowie posters, right before proclaiming that said poster is going to eat me alive.
Most of the time, the reaction is enough to make me do it. That and, think of it this way: You'll become a story for someone to tell later on.

"Hey, Sharon, guess what happened to ME today..."

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