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One day, I promise, I'll stop winding people up on FaceParty.... But it's so much fun, and I really can't help it.....

My head is in bits right now. I'm gonna put it back together later perhaps :o)

Sometimes I wish I was gay. Not, y'know, gay gay, hand-up-arse-dmz-style gay... Just Will & Grace style gay, where nobody really ever dates guys, but they still get the style credibility and wit... I'm already practically Vicky's 'Gay Best Friend' anyway - we have girlie nights in where I cook for her, then we watch romantic-comedy DVDs, eat chocolate, drink wine, and complain about boys. But I wanna be a heterosexual gay guy, because I like women. Damned technicalities :o)

End randomness.....

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this is the beauty of my boyfriend... he is minus all the negative parts of being a boy and is effeminate but at the same time kind of manly but i love him! ohh!
you have the right idea about things mister jamie. carry on as you are. goddamn those social barriers to hell.xx

I think at this point I couldn't stop acting gay if I tried.... :o)

Although I can still be all dominant and testosteroney sometimes, apparently. So all is good.

*carries on*

Coming from a friend of a friend I feel inclined to say you post all the time. I mean, honestly. It's out of control. I think you've hit rock bottom and need to seek help. Just know we're here for you, you just have to ask for help.


Re: Coming from me...

Last time I checked I was fine, but don't let that stop you from posting tiresome comments...

(Well done for spotting that I post all the time - I enjoy writing, and have used this journal quite a lot over the last two years. This is nothing new, or interesting)

Re: Coming from me...

You're right, James is unbalanced and needs the professional services of a butcher, or any number of farmyard workers.

Since I'm just another one of your livejournal personas, balance and harmony are restored.

hmm...have you considered lesbianism?

I'm nothing like butch enough ;o)

it depends what kinda girl you're going for...she could be the butch and you can be the bitch...

it might work.

Sure, why the hell not? I know a ton of heterosexual gay guys, in addition to the actual gay guys I've met. Fuck, I'm a female drag queen.... tell me that's not messed-up ;) But it works.

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