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Dear Dave,

Try being a fucking man, and grow the fuck up. I know you'll read this because you're terminally insecure, and for that I'm sorry, but try dealing with it.

I have no intention to steal your girlfriend from you. The very fact that you think I do demonstrates that you're clearly not seeing straight. Try opening your eyes, and be a grown-up - there is nothing going on, and if you took your head from out of your ass, maybe you would see that.

Now, time for me to get back to talking to the girl I'm seeing (who, incidentally, can read all my comments on LJ to other people, and she doesn't go getting the wrong idea about any of this). I suggest you go back to trusting your girlfriend, before you really fuck up.

Lots of love,

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::scratches head:: either this is a different Dave or I am now very confused.

Possibly both...

The Dave I refer to is the jealous boyfriend of a lass on LJ I vaguely flirted with - he seems to think that she's cheating him with me (laughable)... He needs a reality check.

I doubt he really thinks that she'd go for you.
You are a bastard flirt though, so I can see where he might get such an idea. ;)

Well if he's threatening to break up with her over it......

And you're just as bad as me... Just you wait until David's party :oP

I was unaware of that.
Oh, I'm failing to call your mobile. Has the number changed?

come on jamie. with your past record.. no wonder the poor guy's worried.


That doesn't help :oP

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