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(no subject)

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ahhh!! I've seen little bits and pieces of those things everywhere and its ben driving my crazy trying to figure out what they are!! Domo-kun? *goes to search for them*

They're the mascot of a TV station in Japan. He was in a series of very strange claymation bits that played between shows. Look up domokun on google, you'll find what you need.

OMG, It's Domo-kun!!!! Hahahahaha, I got my friend a Domo-kun bank thingy, and I gave it to him just last week when I went to visit him... I remember seeing one that was about 3 and a half feet in height that cost 150 U.S. dollars... er, not a bank though, a stuffed one... I would've gotten it for him too if I had the money (but that will never happen...)...

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