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I talk silly. Occasionally, the two overlap...

yeah, but i got tha fish on, so the world is purty and silly!

Yay, just like me

Or, um, not.

It's the afternoon now.... Not long until I can leave this awful place.. I swear, it's sucking out my soul :o\

but think about when your parents leave... :P

and you changed you place on facepoopy... :) tis sweet

Oh, I am - it's hard not to... *kiss*

And I had to - after all, nowhere else has ever been quite so cool or perfect... I dunno... The whole thing just meant rather a lot to me...

yeah, i mean, it was quite pretty i suppose, y'know... :P

Yeah... The scenery was obviously what made it so good. Nice trees and stuff... And the grass was quite pleasant...

yeah, a bit cold though, quite average in general :P

I dunno, I stopped feeling the cold after a while... The best part was when I stopped shivering...

stopped shivering and started shaking... ;)

(sorry. mustn't be porno on lj. mustn't. :P)


Naughty :o)


It was soooo good......

i can't quite believe it happened either... i mean, fuck, man, we are BAD...

we should be featured in more! or something... :P

i'll bring 1/4 round when your parents are away and we can get all stoned, then we just need to get your tattoo and become big rawk stars, and we'll be done!

We are bad... Good, isn't it :o)

And that'd be cool... If it's nice weather, we'll lie out on a blanket on the roof, stoned, cuddling, just looking up at the sky. All fine, like :o)

Plus, y'know, I'll actually hook up my amp and prove that I can play guitar, since I've not managed that yet ;o)

i gotta go meet benjameeny now, so i'll talk to you later,

hope you feel better *kiss*

rach xxx

Okay, shall text you randomly etc. Have fun :o)



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