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.. a friend who's dressed in leather ..
You know, I've been thinking... Yesterday highlighted a couple of things - for starters, why do I know so many damned kids? I mean seriously, everybody I know was getting a-level results pretty much - something I've had two years since having to endure. It's just weird, so many friends getting results for exams I took years ago - highlights a lot of age gaps and stuff which aren't normally apparent.

I've been trying to come up with a reason why that might be the case, because there are some really conspicuous points about it. For starters, it's only certain groups of friends that are much younger than me. When I'm down in Brighton, I tend to go out with people my age (i.e. 20 year olds), the only exception being Shanu (who's a year younger). When I'm at home, I tend to go out with my friends from school, who are all my age too. In lectures, and other work-related situations, I hang out with people a few years older than me - there's Adam, who must be getting on for 22, and Tom who (if I recall correctly) is approaching 24. I really am the baby there - it's quite frightening really.

Then there's my long-term friends... TMA, who's my age, Kit, who's a year younger... Other people on IRC like Chas (who is mid forties) and DMZ (approaching 29+1)... Then there's people at work, all of whom are older than me. So why is it that as soon as I glance down my LJ friends page, every single person on this thing is announcing their results? What is it about LJ that encourages me to befriend people several years younger than me?

The cynic in me says that perhaps it's because life sucks as one gets older. After all, ultimately, LiveJournal is an account of peoples' lives, as they live them. I can see why I would want to read about people doing a-levels, and people just starting their degrees - that's a fun period of life that feels safe. I would be far less interested in people who are struggling to get jobs following graduation, and people who are living in the real world. There's safety in youth, so perhaps if I surround myself with young people, I'll be safe.

I recognise that this plan may not be as effective as I would like.

Still, there's an obvious difference - in 'real life', I tend to associate with people my age or older, whereas online it tends to be the other way around. Maybe it's because my 'real life' friends are average for their age, whereas my online friends all act older - I mean, David acts older than Jimbo, despite being two years younger than him... Perhaps I choose my friends according to maturity on some level - I pick mature friends who are a couple of years younger than me, and average maturity friends who are my age... It all balances, I guess...

But I ramble......

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Perhaps I choose my friends according to maturity on some level

Oh dear! Not a bad post up until the maturity thing!

Anywayz I did have summat to say - oh yes - my friends range in age from 18 right through to 45 - all of which are close friends and most of which are in the same social circle.

Tonights birthday celebrations (i.e. piss up) will consist of several 18 year olds, a 21 year old, two 24 year olds, three 26 year olds, one 30 year old, one 31 year old (moi), two 36 year olds and two 42 year olds.

OK so I may be a year or two out with some of them but hey - point being - there is no point! Ah well - consider it a case study for your perusal!

Heh, yeah, but that's different... Maturity becomes less of a factor as you get older (as you clearly have ;o)... The maturity difference between a 30 and 40 year old is, in my (perhaps limited) experience less than that between a 17 and 19 year old, say....

But I am kinda proud of the various ages of people I know... Just because a lot of the people I know at Uni seem to only associate with people of their exact age (i.e., only people on their course)... I know people at Uni from 18 to 24, which isn't bad for variety... :o)

Heh - I only get older at the same rate as everyone else! ;0)

But probably less mature as time goes by!

You're right though - some 18 year olds act like 10 year olds! I see your point in that respect - still they're only just emerging from hormonal imbalances n'stuff so they have an excuse.

I, on the other hand, do not! ;0)

The way I figure it, age really shouldn't ever matter when it comes to friends... I mean, a ten year-old can find friendship with their friend's parents and vice versa... though, I can't say I have much older friends anymore, I lost touch with them a long time ago, sometimes I see them every once in a while, but that's about it...

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