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This made me cry with laughter.....
[00.15.29] <Jamie> Has anybody considered that the entire AA is just one massive penis extension to me?
[00.16.02] <DMZ> I thought it was more like a dancing troupe of monkeys
[00.16.08] <Jamie> Penis monkeys!
[00.16.14] <DMZ> um
[00.16.20] <DMZ> what is a penis monkey?
[00.16.23] <Jamie> I don't know
[00.16.39] <DMZ> let's not speculate
[00.16.41] <TSC> Like an assclown, I think
[00.17.01] * DMZ adds penis monkey to his list of bizarre insults
[00.17.12] <DMZ> let's see.. assclown, hatfucker, penis monkey
[00.17.58] <DMZ> acutally, it just occured to me I shouldn't say all 3 at once in case I summon TMA

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I almost wet myself laughing at that last night - ask Anna :o)

Argh nearly had a hernia trying not to laugh hard at that. They don't know me too well and I think I'd just attract unwanted glares...

I know, I was pretty much crying last night when he said it... :o)

PS, get back to work :oP

PS Pot... Kettle... Black


See previous comment, kthxbai!

PPS I'm not getting paid for this.

Only because, sickeningly, you don't need the money. Try being a real student, bitch :oP

Hmm.. funny. For some reason reminds me of an SNL sketch:

Lady: In other news a female viagra has been let out to the public. However, scientists speculate that it may send Christina Aguilara's vagina into time travel.

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