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And Harry just seriously asked me if a threesome would be the way to go. She genuinely would prefer that to losing out to Alex. I so can't do this to them, I REALLY can't. Because I'm not an asshole, yet if I choose one over the other, that's what it'll make me. I could always chose neither, but I don't think that'd work too well. I need to phone Vicky, I think. That might help. Or would it?

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I guess in a way, this stuff always happens. One spends forever looking for someone, then two people roll up at once.

This, my friend, is a tough one.

Why wouldn't choosing neither work out?

Well, that sort of decision would only last until me and either of them got drunk and such. There'd be a lot of temptation there.....

Goodness, what a pickle.

Is it april fools already???

I thought it was chrismas, but it seems that it is april fools already. Oh well, i do spend most my time in a sleepy daze.

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