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Oh ffs...
Okay, so Farce Party is lame, it's obvious. And any day now I'm going to rip into it with a brutal and cutting piece of writing. Either that, or just register and laugh at them (until I get sued). But some person on it just just reached new levels of lameness...

See, when sending messages to people, there's a button you can press which puts everything into 'eLiTe CaPs'. Bear in mind, this was how my moron friends used to send e-mails six f'ing years ago, and yet, people are still doing it today. And it pisses me the fuck off. But what really gets me annoyed is the fact that if people quote my message to them, and hit the ElItE cApS button (or whatever FP calls it), it converts the WHOLE message. This includes whatever it was they're replying to of mine.

I hope the DMCA has some sort of way of protecting my rights here when I say that I don't fucking want people converting things I've said iNtO sOmE sOrT oF kEwL aLtErNaTiNg CaPiTaL lEtTeRs BuLlShIt. It makes my brain bleed, especially when it's words I said. DAMNED BASTARDS!!

Okay, calm... calm... Just ignore those users and move on...

Update: Ooh, lunch time....

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*waits for someone, probably Calum, to reply in elite caps*

It's going to happen...

CaLuM iS tOo LaMe FoR eLiTe CaPz ;o)

I read on some website that Calum sucks...

it'll be okay. it'll all be okay.


hey! calm down.

in better news... guess who's definitely coming next summer...;0)


i was most disappointed with the sheer lack of craziness that are held within so-called "crazy text"

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