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It's more than you, and it's more than I...
Oh my, I'm good. No, like, actually good. Well, kinda.

See, the stupid virus checking software... I told it to go fix the hard disk, and it did, but the files with viruses that it couldn't deal with, it moved elsewhere. This included a lot of crucial network stuff. So I've had to download things (which didn't work) in order to replace things. I eventually deleted every executable out of an entire directory tree, and just reinstalled from the CDs. But basically, yeah, the system is sort of up and running again. Which is impressive, since this is the first time I've had to deal with a major virus problem on a network... Okay, so the network is fairly small, only about twenty PCs, but still... Am impressed with myself :o)

In sad news, my wallet is broken. See, when I went to Ireland three years ago, I needed something to keep my money in. So I got two wallets (so that all my financial eggs weren't in one basked, so to speak), a black one and a blue one... Anyhow, a year ago, the black one was finally at the end of its life, so I randomly mailed it to Jen (I give away things that mean stuff to me, I'm not sure why). And now, three years to the day of me coming back from Ireland (Monday), the thing finally just fell apart. Or, rather, broke into two pieces. It still works and all, so I don't have to throw it out. But it's still broken....

Ah, the random things I think of...

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What happened to the good old method of backup?

Backups are taken daily, but are kept off-site for safety reasons... As such, it would be too much hassle going and getting a backup tape and running a restore, when I can just reinstall bits without any disruption

u r teh hott man

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