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The way we were
Rather than take peoples' minds off results, I'll just take their minds off their results. So, without further ado, a few memorable moments:

My A-Level results day

David's GCSE results day

And, well, that's about it... Still, it's funny looking back...


I was so different back then.... Less fucked up, but kinda a lot more fucked up at the same time, just in a different way....

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So nice of you to show people how well you did just before they get their grades ;)
Damn smart people. :p

Wow, this is great, I don't have to go around making everything about me, because you automatically make everything about me anyway :oP

Up yours :oP

see but now i'm thinking about my as results and how crap latin was though i was expecting it to be crap seeing as i didn't revise for any of it. therefore a d was good for my level of not caring.

but then i'm thinking about my other ones. Maths - C, Physics - B, Chemistry - A

now. i redid loads of maths and physics. i think i redid 4 out of 5 module things. but that might not bring my grade up enough because i did worst on the supposedly easiest paper last time and best on the hardest one. maths papers that is.

physics... no one in my class understands any of it. we have no notes. i was lucky to get a b last year i think, considering the lack of proper teaching and notes and things. prehaps years of star trek and suchlike have helped. hmmm. ::plots::

but maths is most important.

chemistry... i don't know. i got an a last year. but wasn't expecting it because my memory for that kind of thing is almost non-existant, hence my not doing biology even though i think i prefer biology

my physics coursework was kinda bad. i did a whole load of stuff but there really wasn't very much to write about. what can you really say about the indestructiblity of aol cds?


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