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NO Shanu, I will NOT have Cybersex with you!!
[shanu] - the truth is absolution. says:
::begins fellating himself having smeared his cock in peanut butter::

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you fucking slut! :D

I'm not the one that Danuek got pregnant :oP

Tell it to your kid, Shanuek....

yum, peanut butter!

ahem. *hides*

You should like it... :oP

wrong - you're the one who must endure the left-handed gay midget eskimo ninja! bwahahaha!

hey, you're the one putting it on your dick :P

*shudders* gross. i will never see peanut butter in the same light ever again... thanks shanu!

my work here is done. :)

ew!hahhahah i think i'm gonna go have some on icecream...

Peanut butter ON icecream? That's just wrong. Peanut butter IN icecream, now that's great. Peanut Butter is my favourite flavour, but you can't get it over here.... I have to make my own PB Milkshakes and everything...

I just hope it was the smooth type, not the lumpy stuff.

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