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You kids remember the person who was, like, really dumb?

vlyblbabe23: hey
vlyblbabe23: can we start over?
TheUnknownJames: Not really
vlyblbabe23: why not?
vlyblbabe23: im sorry
TheUnknownJames: See, you were so mind meltingly stupid that I can still remember your screen name
TheUnknownJames: Ordinarily, I forget people
TheUnknownJames: You burned an imprint into my mind
TheUnknownJames: And that's bad

.. and blocked again. That will, I hope, teach her :o)

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but... but... you said i burned an imprint into your miind!

*sob* waaaaaah! jamie doesn't really looooveee meee at all! *sobsob*

hey. i'm bored. entertain me. pleeeease?

Re: oh... the melodrama

Love you though I do, I have admit no, you did not burn and imprint in my mind with being stupid. Would you rather you had? :o)

Seriously, that girl was dumb - I've posted so many chat logs with her citing examples of her being a moron. It's fun.

*stands on head*

humph. head standing. i guess thats... ok... humph...

it's hardly shanu's entertainment standards :P who is he anyway? he sounds repulsive and fuuuun in equal measures...

Re: oh... the melodrama

I'll show you it sometime. I'll fall over. You'll laugh.

Shanu is my bestest friend at Uni - he rocks. But is very very little. He's also in my band. Or I'm in his. But I think it's mine - I'm the brains, he's just there to make us look authentically punk, on account of how I can't pull that off (purple hair soon though)....

\m/ !Clusterfuck! \m/

(uh, that's the name - we wanted something that they'd never play on TOTP)

hehe. gosh, it sounds quite like a brand of cereal :P

why is he so small? like, small in height or just small all over? how small? like, midget sized? or just shorter than average? could he fit under tables? under doors?

gad. why are small people interesting?

Re: oh... the melodrama

He's a little person. Like, tiny. I can fit him in my pocket, although I don't, because he bites.

But he is interetsing... Sort of.... :o)

well, as lubricants go, i can't think of anything yummier than peanut butter, hehe.

still, he's a fool, didn't he realise you'd only have sucked him off with toast, pizza or chocolate?!? silly boy :P

Re: oh... the melodrama

Mental note made...

Anyhow, Shanu doesn't like me like that. Apparently, his homosexuality is contradicted by something else, or something. I forget what it was. Uh, yeah, let me explain

Some guy online last night (who seems to really want me to be gay or something) was asking about Shanu, and asked me if Shanu was attracted to me. So I asked the man himself, and he explained that due to circumstances beyond his control, he is apparently the only guy in the world who doesn't want me. Or something.

I was mortified. But he's not that hard to get over...... :o)

:s *patpat* poor jamie, you'll be ok... at least *everyone* else in the world wants you :P

as for me *sigh* i'm just all alone... *sob*

Re: oh... the melodrama

Correction - it's only the men who want me. I'd pass them onto you, but if they have bad enough taste to want me, I doubt you'd like them - that's a pretty big flaw, after all.

And you won't be alone much longer... Tomorrow.....

ah self deprecation. where's the old jamie with his head (which one is ambiguous :P) (ok, i promise, i'll stop being crude. right now.) held high?!

and yeah. tomorrow. tomorrow. *sigh*

Re: oh... the melodrama

Okay then. I fucking rock, and you will be honoured to be seeing me tomorrow, because you need me. And we will have fun because I'm just that damned good.

But, uh, seriously, I can't wait... :o)

*gets scared*

i replied to this, but it isn't showing up :( and you aren't replying back to me...

but yeah, you do rock :P and i'll see you tomorrow night, terrified as usual :)

rach xxx

Re: oh... the melodrama

I only stopped replying cos the Internet died at work - I tried to tell you by text :o(

And, y'know, you rock too... Why else would somebody as great as me want you, if not because you're totally amazing :o)

See you tomorrow

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