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Icy Days and Mondays
Well, it's just past 9am, and it's Monday. You'd think that these two factors combined would be enough to bring me down, but the universe is obviously looking to do a thorough job on this one...

... and back again, at 11:30am, with not much progress to report. So allow me to start from the beginning - we sell instruments that require internal cooling. We have a water cooler with a pump to circulate the water around said instruments. People who were reading my journal about a year ago will know what happens next... We had a power spike on Friday, which sent the cooling system insane, and made it try to cool the water down to -40 degrees. That's about the lower limit of the thing, but it's still quite low - we'd need a lot of antifreeze type stuff in the water to get it down to that without it freezing...

... and we don't. Have anti-freeze, that is. So I came into work this morning and was confronted by a block of ice. The water tank had cooled to sub-zero and frozen, and the ice-expansion had forced water out of it. However, the thing was so cold that the water that came out also froze just because all its heat was sucked out of it by the coolers. So I couldn't even get into the instrument, on account of how it was frozen solid. I've only just managed to get the lid off, and now I have a cubic foot of ice to deal with. So I'm tackling it with a hair dryer... *sigh*

The current approach is to melt some, then drain that off. While on the one hand, it will melt faster if I leave the water on the ice, that's not going to work right. I have a large block of ice which will absorb all the heat out of the water, and cause it to re-freeze. The average temperature of the ice will increase, but that won't help me much. This way, I'm melting off the top of it, then removing it - soon, I'll be able to pour hot water into the unit, then drain that off when it's cold, then more hot water - that'll do it faster. Right now, I just need space for that water.

So, the weekend... Well, I slept through 16 hours of Friday night, which meant that I didn't sleep on Saturday night, much... Got about three hours or something, but that was all I could manage. Then Sunday, went to Cardiff to see Arsenal vs Liverpool. Won't mention the score. Am nice like that. It was great to be sat with all the Arsenal supporters though, chanting and stuff - they're fun. Sadly, my chant of "You suck so much that it makes my nipples bleed" didn't catch on... Shame... Oh, and that's also a sly reference to Friends - at one point in it, they say "The ebola virus, that's gotta suck, huh?" - see, suck, ebola virus, bleeding nipples. Oh yes, everything I say has at least two meanings... Or none... But rarely one :o)

The down side of yesterday was spending over eight hours in a car with my family. It's not that I don't love them, it's just that I can't spend time with them - I'm used to being alone. I live alone, I eat alone, and despite the fact that my housemates are often around, I can just go to my room and know that I'm totally cut off from them. At home, I don't even have my own room, or my own computer, or my own anything. Everything is shared, by people who are around me for every second I'm there. Which is why I tend to pine for Uni somewhat...

But otherwise, things are good. Time to have another shot at using the heat gun on the ice......

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ha! jamie vs ice. maybe you should just let it be, man... let the ice be...


i'll never get a job with this attitude. and check your damn facepoopy :P

Heh, I am now. But I killed lots of it with my glorified hair dryer, and syphoning the water off... Tasted icky :o(

And I can't check FaceFarty - this is good, it's just replying to e-mails, that's totally allowed. But FarceParty is all like "browsing a chat site", which is totally no no no if people see me... And so like, I talk on this more... And check my e-mail lots... so like.. yeah... whatever...

*walks off dazed*

*slap* snap to it, boy!

humph. going to work in a daze. who do you think you are?!

but :( for the icky taste. i would give you a lolly. but i not there. lolly? pink lolly?

*stands to attention*

*falls down*

I'm not up to this.... Silly work....

And yes, pink lolly would be nice. But straight pink, obviously.... And a kiss. That'd be nice too....

a kiss?!? but you taste funny! ha! i only kiss hott boys :P

hows the ice? any smaller? i is writing an entry. go me. and my sister is upstairs with her boyfriend. eugh.

I meant after the nice tasting lolly, but okay, I'll go kiss somebody who'll be nice instead :oP

And the ice can thaw overnight. There's less, but still lots...

And and and eww, boyfriends, how icky and very very wrong - shocking.

yup. boyfriends. bleugh! in fact boys! bleugh! you're alllll smelly! all you boys!

and who else would kiss youuu mr? :P


Well I'd give you a list, but I expect you'd go murder them all in a jealous rage because you care oh so much :oP

aww, don't cry *slap* you gotta be all strong and manly :P

and come on then, hit me with the list...

*sharpens axe*

Manly... Got it... In that case:

Up yours, I'm not answerable to you :oP

answerable?! ha! is that even a word?!?

and fine fine fine. i'll kiss you. gad. you don't catch on too fast do you? :P *kiss*

Answerable (adjective): Obliged to answer.


I win ;o)

ah shut up. dammit. still, you are definitely too easy. jamie = slut

at least i *try* and make you wait :P

Whereas you, of course, have proved ever such a challenge thus far, of course ;o)

Hey, I try and wait too. Two weeks ago, I was a good boy, for aaaages, before I finally gave in on account of how pretty you looked, and how much I really really really wanted to kiss you...

hehe, ok, ok, ok, you lasted a whole movie :P go you!

and i only kissed you back, y'know, for something to do...

you're brother ed is really cute, by the way. hmm... a family of cute boys...

Well obviously, you're completely invulnerable to being human, I was forgetting :oP

And he's probably at home now - you know where I live, go play with him or something :oP

ah no, i think he's a bit young :P my sister'd probably seduce him way ahead of me anyway. gah. it's hard being the not pretty one. moan. and yes. i am faaaar above you foolish humans! muhaha. etc.

I'd tell you how you are clearly the pretty one, and are hott and all, but I'm still in mid-sulk and so I can't :oP

*kiss* don't be mad at meee. pweeeese?

hmm. maybe that won't work. ok, what do i have to do?

no, wait, don't answer that. i was just reading your brother journal, and mel is a mad and angry lady. woo. *scared*

She was just in a strop... PMT or something... I'm sure she's calm by now... She sent me a text yesterday, but since I was unable to give an answer to the question she asked, I didn't reply. You're quite safe....

And I'm not mad at you. I don't think.... It's hard to tell sometimes whether I am or not... Hard to explain - I don't seem to know my own mind when it comes to you... Not a bad thing at all though...

heh, i don't care if you're mad or not actually, cause i know underneath you're actually not: rachel-addiction, which can alternatively be known as jamie-addiction, is good stuff. :P

the mushiness has now enveloped me.

and i want to know so badly what she asked. dammit. i mean, don't tell me if you don't want to. damn hanging questions. dammit.

Oh, I know, underneath I'm not mad. I just have no idea what I am on the surface of things... You make me use :oP smileys more than anybody else ever has, but you also make me use :o) smileys more than other people too... :o)

And yay mushiness, I'll turn you romantic yet ;o)

Oh, 'tis nothing - she asked for a mutual(ish) friend's phone number. But said friend does not give out his number to people, so I didn't give it her. Then her message got deleted to make room for more of your messages which I kinda sorta keep. Probably a metaphor or something, I expect...

probably, and i keep one of yours. i won't say which one as if anyone else ever reads this they'll barf. but it kinda made me feel all stupid and special. gah. this *has* to stop. i will start... i dunno... thinking clintons is cute or something. eugh.

and maybe you should reply to her... i dunno... just to say that you get her message but would have to ask the friend? but then i guess if the friends says no... badness... heh, sorry, i suck at these things... having never had to do awkward relationship stuff :P

Heh... I'll have to ask later which one it is. I sorta might perhaps have managed to keep every message you've ever sent me, but it's not as scary as it might seem - it's just habit... Or something...

And, uh, Clintons is cute, but in a bad way. I will not be buying you anything from there. Uh, sorry....

And I would reply, only, this is the first time she's said anything to me since our massive argument, and I was just astounded at the cheek of her asking me a favour, when she still has half my DVD collection. There are a good few things higher on my list of stuff I have to say to her before I tell her that this guy doesn't actually want her to have his number ;o)

And as I recall, there's only one ex girlfriend of mine that I actually speak to any more (not including the flatmates I went out with, who I manage to get along with sometimes)... Which is why it's good you're not my girlfriend - that way, I might stand a chance here...

Ooh, home time... Talk to you when I get back :o)

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