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I stole this from mertrodome and it felt good to do so:
okay, so billy corgan, dave mathews and that guy from creed are sitting around a table talking about their inspirations and what makes each of them the best writer.

dave mathews says "i'm the better writer because i write from the heart and people can relate to the songs i write..."

the guy from creed says "no, i'm the better writer, 'cause god comes to me and tells me what to write"

and billy looks at him and says "wtf? no i don't!"
And I stole this from nozza and that also felt good:
Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. Yes is the answer.
And now I have to go to work.... well, in a few minutes...

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Few and far between...

...are the jokes that make me laugh hysterically. But, that Billy Corgan joke. Damn. :oD

Also, even though I've heard the sex one somewhere before, it still cracked me up.

Re: Few and far between...

I'd never heard the sex one as that - it was always "beer is not the answer, beer is the question..." and stuff.

Re: Few and far between...

Well, *I* heard it ages ago. From Tori. Hah!

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