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My Usenet post has found its way to:, alt.romath, alt.config,,, alt.troll,, alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk,,,,, alt.religion.christianity,,,,, alt.comp.freeware,,, rec.arts.movies.current-films,, alt.startrek.vs.starwars,,, soc.history.what-if, rec.arts.books.tolkien,, alt.genealogy,, alt.flame,,,, alt.ufc,, alt.religion.christian-teen,,,

Those in bold are the ones that I had nothing to do with - instances where people posted it of their own accord... I'm happy :o)

Oh, and I just posted some crap to ASVS in HTML - that'll irritate them a bit probably... And I posted to AFAA in order to crush their feeble rebellion - Mark thought he could just steal my silly little army off me. As if I could be usurped by a Kiwi!! He has now been told :o)

I'm considerably more sober than I was about seven hours ago, although this is pretty self-evident. The alcohol wore off after two hours of sleep, but so did my sleepiness. See, Friday night, I slept from 11pm to 3pm the following day. This has pretty much accounted for all the sleep I need this weekend, so I've been rather awake of late. And the only reason I even got up was because Becca called, so I went over to her house for a bit. Otherwise, I might have slept for longer.

So yeah, yesterday, saw Becca for a while, she's good, then came home, got ready, and went to the pub. Arrived late, for the first time in ages - normally, if I say I'll meet them at the pub, I'm already onto my second drink by the time they arrive. Caught up with Michael - it's been a while since I last saw him. He was talking about the sex shows he went to in Amsterdam - that cracks me up, it really does. I kept having to interrupt him and say "Just so I've got this straight, you actually paid for this, yes?"... Well, you know, I make me laugh anyway.....

I kinda feel guilty though - I'm too sarcastic at him, and not supportive enough. I tried a bit, but generally I just can't help but be a shit to people - perhaps I should just stop kidding myself that I can actually be a positive contributor to society... If I actually look at my life objectively, I do bad things, and am quite a sucky person. But then on other levels, I'm better than lots of other people too... I go to a lot of extremes - I have times when I'm quite possibly the worst person on the planet, but times when I'm really good, and nice, and the person I want to be. It's just finding the right balance - I can't be the nice person all the time, because he gets his life trashed too often. When I'm behaving like a total cunt, at least I'm invulnerable, more or less...

My personality type shifts so often... I wonder what it'll settle down to when I get back to Uni... Still, that's months away yet, more's the pity. I could do with getting out of here for a bit, perhaps going down to Brighton for a weekend or something. Just have to find the time - I'm kinda busy until mid September, and by then, there'll be no point because term will be close enough...

So, later on, I'll be off to Cardiff to see Arsenal vs Liverpool in the Charity 'Community' Shield. I want Arsenal to win, but if they do, Rachel and Chris will both hate me. But it might be worth it ;o)

I'm tempted to see about having a nap now, just to see if I can get an hour of sleep or something....

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bah to your phone! you won't get this for hours, i know, and by then will probably be thinking i've gone to mexico :P i haven't. or maybe i have and this is all just an evil ploy to make you think i might like you, y'know, a tiny bit...

anyway. yeah. digression. your phone sucks. it's clearly not my phone, mainly as my phone rules. but yours doesn't. it goes BEEP NUMBER NOT IN USE. gah. anyway, i shall talk to you later after we kick yo ass in the football. bye bye jaaamie xxx

heh, um, ok, so... um... it's my phone that sucks...

i crossposted it to, too :)

Hmm, you didn't happen to text Adam on your travels to Cardiff did you? : )

He didn't know it was me - poor lad was confused :o)

Ahh, that at least explains the text message I got this morning asking if it was me who was sending him the weird messages : )

BTW, We may invade you at some point during this year (02/03). Just thought I'd let you know.

I have been reliably informed that we shall be coming down there with pickaxes and pitchforks.

Also some men named "Earl"

Be warned the men named "Earl" are not to be taken lightly.


omg, i'm dying at school. there is no internet connection yet and my apartment is all kinds of scary...


hope everything is going well.

ttyl... with more on the site too probably ;0)

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