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By the way, I fucking love Rachel - she's hot, and so prety, and she's great, and seh rules. So there.

So you can all juts piss off

I bet I get in trouble gor this tomrorw, but I don;t care :oP

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I don't see why you should get in trouble for it?

If I can get away with posting lists as to why I'm still with SH.. then you can definately get away with posting something saying you love someone.

SH? Stupid Hannah? Slut Hannah? Which? (asorry, you know you have my support, I just don;t like her)

Scary Hannah.

Tis a Liz reference. hehe.

Both very admirable guesses, and equally suitable. It's nice that someone else thinks these things.

Don't you let Chris here you say thi... Oh, hold on a minute.

His is "Rachael", so sa not to cause confusion :o)


i was scared for a moment.

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